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While the holiday season is filled with cheer, it can also be stressful. See my list of blog posts that will help you make it through the season with ease.

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Thanksgiving, Chanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day — it seems like the end of November up until January 1st is one big holiday celebration. Sure, shopping for gifts, traveling to see family, and hosting big dinner parties is exciting. But it can also be stressful at times. I’ve gathered a few of my […]

Holiday Survival Guide: Top 5 Reads


Behind the Scenes of The Flexible Life: The Hosting Episode

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Nealy’s Tips for Flexible, Stress-free Entertaining If you caught the second episode of my digital TV series, The Flexible Life, then you may have seen yourself in Pam. A former hosting enthusiast, Pam has developed a lot of anxiety and hesitation over the last few years about welcoming people into her home and embodying the […]

Stress-Free Entertaining: Learn to Host with Ease and Confidence

Flexible Living

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Ever since the pandemic, more and more of us have been working out at home. Have you? While heading to the gym or studio is often a fun and motivating social experience, we’ve begun to also appreciate the convenience of working out without leaving home. I especially appreciate this as the weather cools off and […]

The Best Ways to Work Out Efficiently From Home

Flexible Living

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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays at home! Whether you’re cooking just for your family this year or looking for shortcuts that save you time and energy, I’ve got you covered with recipes for a flexible Thanksgiving! Check out all of my flips and tricks below for hosting a flexible Thanksgiving feast. Most importantly, […]

Recipes For A Flexible Thanksgiving


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With fall comes the love for everyone’s seasonal favorite, pumpkin! Everywhere you turn there is a new pumpkin-flavored version of just about everything. So naturally, I decided to put my new bartending skills to the test and created an amazing Fall Pumpkin Cocktail recipe for you. I’m not quite a professional mixologist just yet, but […]

Fall Pumpkin Cocktail Recipe


Family-Style Chicken Adobo Recipe -

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Your New Favorite Make-Ahead Dinner Recipe In my cookbook, Food You Want: For the Life You Crave, I share an amazing island-style chicken adobo recipe that’s perfect for any occasion, from casual weeknight dinner with the fam to a dressed-up dinner party with your girlfriends. But I also love this family-style version, which is a […]

Family-Style Chicken Adobo


Whether you're craving something salty or sweet, this chocolate covered popcorn is bound to satisfy! Watch The Flexible Chef's latest recipe video.

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Whether you’re laying on the couch watching a movie or peering up at the sky as the sun sets, popcorn is our chosen snack. The wholesome treat can be made many different ways depending on your taste preference: Cheesy, chocolatey, or spicy. Grab a popcorn popper—like my favorite, the  Whirley Pop™—and get popping my quick 10 […]

Quick 10 Minute Dark Chocolate Covered Popcorn


fall inspired pancakes

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Need to whip up a homemade fall-inspired treat? I let Good Day on Fox 5 Atlanta in on some kitchen secrets and showed them how to make three easy fall-inspired recipes using one ingredient we all have at home – boxed mixes. We can all use a little help in the kitchen, why not let the […]

Three Easy Fall-Inspired Recipes Using One Ingredient


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Who doesn’t love a good crisp? I used to make a lot of pies but have recently switched to crisps as they’re easier to make and healthier: under a fine layer of crisp is rich, fruity goodness! My Gluten Free Apple Maple Blueberry Crisp is an irresistible combination of a melt-in-your-mouth apple and blueberry filling, […]

Gluten Free Apple Maple Blueberry Crisp


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Looking for a new way to jazz up your pumpkin bread? Add a buttery, caramel-y butterscotch flavor to your next loaf! The holidays are around the corner and pumpkin is trending. This Soft Pumpkin Butterscotch Gluten Free Bread makes for a great sweet breakfast, afternoon snack, or even dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice […]

Soft Pumpkin Butterscotch Gluten Free Bread


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spaghetti squash with rose sauce

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Just because you’ve given up heavy carbs like pasta doesn’t mean you have to suffer without spaghetti dishes any longer! Spaghetti squash is the perfect replacement for noodles because it still has the same feeling and taste as actual spaghetti. It’s also filled with vitamins and high in nutrients- minus the carbs and gluten! This […]

Artichokes served with spicy mayo sauce

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Artichokes are usually overlooked when it comes to sides but these green guys are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants all while served up on a pretty plate! If you’ve never cooked them before, don’t be intimidated! They are super easy and taste delicious. The simplest way to make artichokes is to cover them […]

lamb chops dressed in lemon, mint and garlic

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Lamb chops may sound scary to perfect but, slathered with this marinade and seared in a pan you’re guaranteed to nail these crispy and crave worthy lamb chops! You could, of course, add these lamb chops with mint, garlic and lemon to your next BBQ too and they make the most decadent summertime dish. It’s […]

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