Have you ever thought about taking a workout class or doing something big, but a little voice in your head stopped you because you weren't "ready"?

Why You Should Never Wait Until You Feel “Ready”

Have you ever thought about going to a workout class, but a little voice in your head stopped you? Maybe you thought: “I’m not in good enough shape for the gym.” “I’m not limber enough to take that yoga class.” “My legs aren’t strong enough for a spin class.” “I’ll go after I lose a few pounds.” 

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there.

A few months ago, I was back in Hong Kong and about to take a yoga class led by one of my old mentors. As I reached for my clothes and eyed up my dusty mat in the corner of the room, I started second-guessing myself. Sure, I move my body daily. But my recent obsession with running hasn’t been doing much for my flexibility.

I started questioning: Am I good enough for this class? Are people going to judge me because my hamstrings are tighter than they once were? Hard to believe I was once the teacher leading the class as I stood there feeling like a first-time student, overwhelmed and not sure what to expect.

It’s ironic, really. We fear not being good enough for the very thing that is going to make us better!

The truth is: We all have insecurities. We want to be liked, accepted, and viewed as impressive or inspirational. We definitely don’t want others to judge us or look down on us.

But, guess what? I went to that class that day and had an amazing time. As I stood on my mat, flowing from one pose to the next, I allowed myself to let everything go, release the worry in my mind, and just be. My yoga mat has always been the sanctuary where insights and reflections are made clearer.

As I hear others tell me how they’re hitting the pause button in various areas of life — with the idea that they’re just not “ready” yet —  I find myself flashing back to that moment on my mat.

Remember This:

There is no right time to get started. You may never feel 100% ready. In life, you just have to take a leap of faith and try your best. Go to the fitness class, make the recipe, apply for the job, and put your goals into motion. You may just be surprised at the outcome!

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