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chef-like in your kitchen and in your life.

Freedom & fulfillment is
found in flexible living

Dwight  D. Eisenhower

No battle was ever won
according to plan,
but no battle was ever won
without one.

Think of life as your laboratory and be prepared to conduct your own experiments. Asking great questions is the only way to get great answers, and being willing to flop forward, is the only way to succeed.

Here you’ll be encouraged to take charge and create your own recipe for success, rather than following someone else’s guidelines. 

Which is why at TFC, we gracefully zig & zag over our center, never beating ourselves up for veering too far off course. At any moment, we can realign toward our middle, let go of any resentment, start fresh, and stay flexible.

Flexible Chefs aren’t just one thing either. We’re committed to holding ourselves and one another accountable for being everything we want to be without sacrificing excellence. We’re moms, career-minded women, happy homemakers, and everything in between. We tap into our potential to live an extraordinary life – full of adaptability and creativity.

Being rigid is exhausting. 

I started cooking in my mom’s kitchen before I was even old enough to reach her countertops. My career began in the fitness world, teaching and running studios from Tel Aviv to NYC to Hong Kong. I later designed and led immersive cooking events, sold-out yoga retreats, ran life-changing immersive courses for pregnant women and hosted women’s wellness empowerment programs with renowned health professionals.

I’ve also spent the last 30 years experimenting with various restrictive diets and fitness fads—like that time I crunched my way through the cracker diet or sipped my way to skinny with the lemonade diet. I’ve since learned that adhering to strict diets and crazy workout regimens is incredibly draining. And when your willpower is constantly tested, you’ll eventually find yourself elbow deep into a vat of cookie dough. Sound familiar?

Nealy Fischer


On the TFC blog and in my bestselling cookbook, you’ll find unique masterpieces that taste so good your diners won’t even realize it’s good for them. Just take my Cauliflower Pizza Steaks or Gluten-Free Breakfast Pancake Donuts, for example. Yes, I said donuts!

Stepping out of the kitchen, I show you how to slot yoga and exercise into your full schedule, feed a household filled with picky eaters, host an uncomplicated dinner party with flair, and live an all-around awesome life on your own terms. I promise to deliver inspiring advice with integrity and, more importantly, a great deal of love.

Something that fits the demands of juggling a constantly busy life, without leaving me feeling like a failure everyday. So I started learning to let go, to give myself a break more often, to inhale confidence, and bend the rules so I could live the fulfilling life I desired.

The Flexible Chef was created in 2015 to inspire people to thrive despite the pulls (and pressure!) of modern-day chaos. I began by sharing our family’s favorite recipes and a simpler, fuss-free method to cooking. As a growing and ever-evolving lifestyle brand, TFC has become an all-encompassing approach to living a flexible, fabulously fulfilling life you love

I began to crave something different.

Can always count on a
flow to bring me a
sense of calm

Can’t go a day without
             for breakfast


I’m a kale-loving woman married to a burger-loving man

My mornings always starts
with lemon water, coffee, 
and my foam roller

My whole world—our four kids

Ben, Eitan, Ayla, and Liam

(for 24 years!)


How could I leave out the

live fabulously.
enjoy the
enjoy the journey.
so you can break them. 
embrace failure
growth mindset
Know your why. Adopt a                                         and overcome 
limiting beliefs. Ignite your inner fire, leverage your passion, and rise to 
your highest potential. Master the rules                                                     
Start single-tasking.                                     as a means for growth. Let yourself zig-zag. 
Prioritize what’s urgent and important. Get and stay organized. Practice gratitude 
to maintain perspective.                                             Use creativity as a tool for flexibility. 
Channel your inner chef. Master the art of experimentation and discover 
what works best for you. Stay hungry, get flexible,                       

“Nealy is a wellness visionary who serves up superfood.”

With more than 100 clean, fresh, gluten-free recipes, Food You Want helps you create healthy, energizing dishes, all while saving time and banishing meal prep stress. This cookbook is filled with success strategies—what makes a dish work, flexible flips, and ideas to personalize recipes so they work best for you and your family’s dietary needs, taste preferences, and all-around lifestyle.


FOR THE LIfE YOU                  


Chante Phan

After working with Nealy, 
I am the main character in my story
and completely capable of overcoming 
challenges at home and in life.


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