With Passover right around the corner, I'm gathering some of my favorite, go-to Passover recipes! They're loaded with flavor and won't take you a long time make. I hope your family enjoys them just as much as mine!

8 Passover Recipes You’ll Want To Add To Your Holiday Menu

With Passover right around the corner, my family and I are gearing up to fill our plates with an abundance of fresh vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, and other grain-free goodies. Just in case you’re not familiar, Passover is one of the biggest festivals in the Jewish calendar. It lasts eight days and, during that time, we don’t eat grains (other than Matza, which is an unleavened flatbread) or legumes. To be honest, I actually enjoy the Passover diet because it’s a great way to hit the reset button and ease into a healthier way of eating. Below are some go-for Passover meals that are loaded with flavor and won’t take you a long time make. I hope your family enjoys them just as much as mine!


Sunrise Eggs with Vegetable Hash – The veggies in this one-pan meal remind me of the oh-so-delicious, traditional potato hashbrowns. But, this veggie version packs a nutritious punch without all the starchy carbs that seem to suck the energy right out of you rather than deliver it.

Raw-licious Muesli: An Easy Breakfast Idea – Sure, eggs and veggies are my daily go-to. But for some variety, and to please hungry kids, this is another hearty option. It’s also a no-rules sort of recipe, so play around and have fun with it!

Creamy Almond Banana Smoothie Milkshake – Some mornings call for a super simple, grab-and-go breakfast. Enter: my nutrient-rich smoothie that has the consistency of a decadent milkshake. The best part? Even kids love it!


Grain-Free Sandwich Bread – My eyes lit up when my friend Pamela Salzman shared this grain-free bread just in time for Passover! It looked far too good to be true, but also too cool not to try. Let me tell you—I made this recipe the other day and was completely blown away. Try it yourself!

This grain-free sandwich bread is exactly what we’ve been missing every Passover, one of the biggest festivals in the Jewish calendar! Get the recipe created by my friend Pamela Salzman.

Raw Spring Rolls With Herbs Almond Sauce – I created this recipe over Passover a few years back when I was craving the creaminess of a tahini dressing (traditionally, sesame is not eaten on the holiday). I must admit, I almost prefer this almond version! I serve them as an appetizer plated with a small salad and drizzle the leftover sauce all over.

Raw Cauliflower Tabouli – With a healthified spin on the traditional dish, I paired my new obsession – purple cauliflower – with white cauliflower and a rainbow of other veggies. Fresh mint and parsley give it a fresh flavor. Plus, the pine nuts add a surprising crunch. While this dish may look complicated, it literally takes minutes to whip up.

Cauliflower Tabouli

Snack Time & Dessert

Spicy Roasted Pistachios – I have stashes of these spicy roasted pistachios stored for quick and easy snacking. You can munch on these straight from the container, add them to trail mixes, or sprinkle them on top of salads!

spicy roasted pistachios

Better-For-You Raw Chocolate Macaroons – Life’s little pleasures lie in the simplest of things, like these raw chocolate macaroons! The best part? They’re filled with wholesome ingredients that are totally Passover-approved. So go get measuring and don’t forget to lick the bowl!

Raw chocolate macaroons

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