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LEARN HOW TO FABULOUSLY ZIG-ZAG YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS You know that insane amount of pressure you often feel to have a perfect life? Or feeling unbalanced in your daily routine? When every day, you do your best to act according to plan, and any little trip-up would derail your entire day, week, or even […]

Live A More Balanced Lifestyle: My Zig-Zag Method


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With Valentine’s Day creeping up, it’s time to start thinking of romantic meals to cook at home. One major winner is salmon. For some, cooking fish at home can be intimidating. While it’s relatively simple to make, I’m here to help you avoid the pitfalls of searing salmon safely, ensuring correct done-ness, choosing the right pan […]

How to Sear Salmon Like a Chef

Lunch and Dinner

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I was thrilled when Patrick Goubier, the owner and chef of La Table de Patrick and Chez Patrick Deli, agreed to share this exquisite salmon trout dish with me. This gluten-free fish dish is light and delicate with a robust hazelnut flavor, explained Patrick. You can substitute any fish for this versatile meal, which makes for a perfect light […]

Salmon Trout Fillet With Quinoa and Pink Grapefruit


Eat more vegetables

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Take a moment and review everything you ate yesterday. What did you have for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner? Be honest. Take a mental look at your plate. What percentage of your daily food consumption came from vegetables? One way to make a radical shift in the way you eat is to consider making vegetables – […]

7 Creative Ways to Eat More Vegetables


Mango cucumber smoked salmon sushi

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Did you know how easy it can be to make homemade sushi? Karin Reiter’s brown rice sushi rolls with mango, cucumber and smoked salmon are so good and so much fun. Karin makes these bites as a healthy alternative for kids party food and has more fantastic ideas for healthified kids parties in her great ebook. In […]

Mango, Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Sushi


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I get so excited when a dish is close to perfection. This seared halibut with fresh pea pesto ticks all the boxes for the perfect meal: It tastes as good as it looks, it’s relatively straightforward to prepare and oh-so nourishing. The pesto has oomph, texture and a whole lot of flavor pizzaz. While it marries […]

Seared Halibut with Green Pea Pesto



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Did you know salmon is a bit of a rock star? This oily fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are are considered essential for the body. Plus, salmon is a great source of protein and marries well with a variety of flavors. This recipe was created by accident — how many […]

Salmon and Spinach Burgers


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Did you grow up eating tuna sandwiches? I did, and the memories of that creamy, salty taste wedged between two crusty slices of bread are so strong that some days I crave the familiarity of a good ol’ sandwich! Here I’m sharing my updated, “adult” version of the tuna sandwich. I like to serve a scoop on […]

No-Mayo Tuna Salad


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Sushi Kuu ranks among one of Hong Kong’s finest Japanese restaurants. Like the rest of the crowd that eagerly lines up every night of the week for a seat, I go for their melt in your mouth salmon rolls: Soft, flavorful salmon wrapped in lettuce with a special sauce. Every time I leave I say to myself, “I […]

Sesame Salmon Lettuce Wraps


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When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner prep, I'm all for finding creative cheats and hacks to make the process a lot easier. One tip? Make a salad bar!

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When it comes to holiday dinner prep (Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year), I’m all for finding creative cheats and hacks to make the process a lot easier. Because who wants to be stuck in the kitchen all day? One of my favorite ways to slash kitchen time is by replacing some time-consuming side dishes with a […]

I’m about to share my favorite time-saving baking hack: using store-bought boxed mixes. Get my secrets for making them taste homemade!

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In this piece, I’m about to share my favorite time saving baking technique: using store-bought boxed mixes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total advocate for making muffins, bread, and desserts from scratch. Heck, I’m even publishing an entire cookbook to help you become a flexible baking master (read more about that here). But here’s […]

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For the last few years, I’ve been on a mission to upgrade my recipes with a nutritious twist. My challenge has been to tweak rich and classic delicacies for extra nourishment, leaving you feeling light yet satisfied. I’ve virtually eliminated dairy, gluten, processed foods and almost all grains from my testing kitchen. But this year […]

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