Spring Clean Up Your Life

Most people use spring as a reason to clean and tidy up. While getting organized is beneficial, might you consider spring cleaning all aspects of your life?

Add Reason to the Rhyme

Instead of listing off non-specific tasks or goals like eat healthier, work out more, lose weight, achieve a certain status at work, try this: find the meaning when goal-setting (similar to NY resolutions but to spring clean.) Check out how some of my friends and mentors create their goals to last the entire year and beyond.

Creating a Morning Routine

Look for inspiration for a new morning routine that is more flexible! We’ve learned this past year that there are some parts of our routine that can hold steady no matter where we are or what our surrounding circumstances are. Those impervious pieces to your routine were key, and the rest of the steps in your pre-covid routine needed to be flexible. It takes some testing to find out what those vital steps to the start of your day are. You have to find what works for you and helps you be more productive, positive, empowered, and healthy. Here is one of my favorite quick morning routines that only takes 6-minutes and makes a big impact on the attitude you have the rest of the day as you spring clean.

Being More Mindful

If you feel like time is flying by, remember that this is the time to SLOW DOWN.  Add in more mindfulness practices, journaling, conversations with loved ones, take intentional social media break days. In reality, whatever is the most important to you is where you should spend the majority of your time!  That helps make it feel like slightly less like Earth is spinning at 1,000 miles per hour (which it actually is btw). Here are some of my favorite mindfulness techniques that help me make improvement and force me to reflect.


You’ve tried the juice cleanse, made some gluten-free swaps, maybe even added in a “Meatless Monday” into your week with hopes of adopting a more plant-based diet. There are so many ways to detox and give your body’s system a break! Have you tried intermittent fasting? This concept literally gives your gut and other organs time to clean out waste and fight cancerous cells. These detoxes and cleanse sound complicated but really they can be simple! For example – adding more lemon to your day. Start off with warm lemon water first thing in the morning, you’ll be amazed by the small healthy changes you begin to see in your body as you spring clean from the inside out. 

One of the new trends in the health and wellness sphere is longevity. Numerous studies and groundbreaking findings have taught us methods on how to not only live longer, but live better longer! Many of these methods, diets, and routines can be adopted slowly but sometimes you need to just jump right in with a cleanse or detox to feel like you’re truly getting a fresh start on internal spring cleaning. From social media detox in favor of meditation, to intermittent fasting, anti-aging is becoming more than a skincare thing. This article was very popular on my blog recently! Check out some of my look younger at 40 tips. Be sure to also include more veggies with this green power juice in the mornings.

Planning Your Calendar

We learned a lot about how our “plans” can fall through during covid. We had to accept that there is so much more to our world that is beyond our control than we even knew. If you’re someone like me – a lover of planning – the pandemic hit you down deep in your soul. Our plans became “home workout in the living room, reorganize everything in the house, zoom meeting, order groceries online, watch scary news” for a few months. If we go into quarantine again or find that some of these things are part of our new normal, we’ll have to find creative ways to make daily life an adventure.

Here’s an interesting thought. Maybe take up being a “life cartographer”. A cartographer is a person who makes maps. Thinking about “mapping out your week” or “mapping out the rest of your 2021 goals” as more of a journey, or an adventure, rather than a checklist of tasks. ⁠You’ve heard of *or maybe even tried* vision boards and creative visual lifestyle planning. I wonder what it would look like, to mentally think of… ⁠

  1. Each week⁠
  2. Your month⁠
  3. An entire year ⁠

… as if it were a dotted line along a beautiful and interesting pathway that is YOUR LIFE. We only live once, make sure that you maintain your curiosity, creativity, energetic spirit. Make sure that along that path of your week you pass by a friend, you happen upon a perfect bench at which you stop and meditate, you come upon a hill that is a 45 minute cardio workout – but at the top there is a reward.  ⁠

Avoid falling back into your old habits from 2020 that didn’t serve you or your purpose. Get organized by spring cleaning up dirty habits – watch this video on mastering consistency with healthy goals.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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