How To Look Younger at 40

I’m just a few months shy of celebrating my 43rd birthday! As a mom of 4 with a manic travel and work schedule, people often ask me how I keep a youthful look, despite my age and busy lifestyle. So, I figured it’s time to spill. Here you have it: How to look younger at 40. 

By the way, you don’t have to be in your 40s to start adopting these healthy habits. The sooner you start taking care of your skin and prioritizing your health, the better!

Develop a Skincare Routine NOW

If you want young looking skin tomorrow then you’ve gotta start taking care of it today. Make sure to cleanse your skin daily. And, no, that doesn’t just mean you should run a Neutrogena wipe over your skin and call it a night. Cleanse, exfoliate, and, most importantly, hydrate with a good moisturizer. Remember: Dry skin ages faster. So, moisturize in the morning and the night. Plus, regular face masks are another great way to hydrate thirsty skin. Check out my favorite products on my Amazon storefront HERE!  

Lather on the Sunscreen

I wear sunscreen every. single. day. Yes, even in the cold and dreary winter monthly. Also, I don’t only lather it on my face. When applying sunscreen, remember to apply it to your neck and hands — those are two spots that really give away your age.

Get Gloves

It’s very rare to find me cooking without a pair of kitchen gloves. I like to say they protect my manicure (which they do). But they offer up another benefit: You won’t have to wash your hands a million times. Did you know that constant soap and water are hard on your hands? Gloves aren’t expensive and you can get them right on Amazon.  

Move Your Body

Regular workouts don’t just help you feel better, they also slow down the aging process. There are a few reasons! 

First, let’s zoom in to the cellular level. It has to do with something called telomeres (AKA the caps at the end of our chromosomes that control aging). As we age, telomeres get shorter. But, according to researchers, studies show the more you exercise, the longer it takes for telomeres to shorten and the longer your cells will live. 

Another benefit is skin elasticity. A study from McMaster University in Ontario found people in their 40s who are still exercising have skin that’s as elastic as people in their early 30s. Why? Well, it’s traced back to sweating. If you sweat regularly, your skin is constantly cleared from impurities.

So, during workouts, push your limits and change things up. Try HIIT workouts, bar workouts, or anything that excites and challenges you.  

Daily Inversions

Practice daily inversions (for about 5 minutes a day) to bring the blood up to your face and improve your circulation. This has a huge impact on the way you look! If the idea of a full-on handstand or headstand intimidates you then breathe a sigh of relief because there are other inversions you can practice. One of the most basic inversions is downward-facing dog. Some other inversions for beginners are dolphin pose, supported shoulder stand, and L-pose handstand. I regularly post inversion inspo on my Instagram — follow along for tips and tricks!  


Meditation allows us a few moments each day to pause from life’s craziness. It’s in the deep levels of rest achieved in meditation that we begin to restore balance and dissolve stress. By lowering our stress, we can help slow down the aging process. My friend and meditation master Tom Cronin wrote a guest post called How to Reverse Your Age Without Botox. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here!

Eat For Your Skin

If you really want healthy skin, you have to nourish it from the outside – in. Yup, you read that right. Along with applying moisturizers and sunscreens, your diet has a huge impact on your skin. 

Salmon, avocados, nuts, and other foods loaded with healthy fats are great for skin. Plus, fruits and vegetables that tout a high water content help keep the skin hydrated. And, of course, DRINK CRAZY amounts of water!

Say No To Cigarettes 

There are many reasons to kick cigarettes to the curb. But, for the sake of this article, let’s focus on the skin. Did you know there are toxins in cigarette smoke that can damage collagen and wreak havoc on skin elasticity? This damage speeds up the aging process, leading to dry skin and wrinkles. 

Keep Young Company

Keep friends that are young at heart. People who aren’t afraid to dance, play, laugh, and just have fun. It’s about lightening up, letting your hair down, and never getting old in your mind. I like to think that my kids keep me young too. It’s amazing how much stress and worry begin to show up on your face and make you look older. 

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