On the hunt for holiday gifts? I’ve compiled a list of kitchen tools, gadgets, and serveware. These gift ideas are perfect for foodies and entertainers!

10 Must-Have Holiday Gifts For Foodies

On the hunt for the perfect holiday gift? I’ve compiled a list of clever kitchen tools, savvy gadgets, and gorgeous serveware. These holiday gift ideas are perfect for the foodies and entertainers in your life … and some are on my personal wish list (hint hint)!

1. Gorgeous Marble & Wood Charcuterie Board 

This handcrafted cheese board and knife set is the perfect gift if you love to host! Whether you’re throwing a small get together or a large party, this gorgeous serving board will definitely come in handy. Just watch my video HERE to see the many ways you can create your own charcuterie board!

2. Mixology Bartender Kit

From a double-sided jigger to a mojito muddler, this 10-piece bar tool set comes equipped with pretty much everything you need to become a pro cocktail concocter!

3. Party-Perfect Ice Molds

If you really want your cocktail-creating friend to become a mixology master then you’ve also gotta invest in some cool ice molds (don’t worry — they’re totally affordable). Try a round sphere mold for the whiskey lover or a diamond mold for your fancy friend!

4. Pink Himalayan Salt Block

I got my first pink Himalayan salt block two years ago while browsing in a little Bozeman, Montana shop. And I’ve loved them ever since! Here’s how they work: Put the salt block in an uber hot oven and then cook your food directly on top. Somehow it seasons your food with just the right amount of salt — and lends the perfect flavor. It’s also always gorgeous to use as a serving platter.

5. Upgraded Bunt Pans

Say goodbye to boring old cake shapes and hello to showstopping cake presentations. These uniquely designed pans are a must for all your friends who like to present gorgeous masterpieces minus the fuss. The pans do the hard work for them and finitely bump their dessert game up a notch.

6. Creative Waffle Irons

Waffles for breakfast are always fun. But, what about waffles shaped like zoo animals, snowflakes, and hearts? Elevate morning mealtime with these unique waffle irons. Plus, don’t just use them to make regular old waffles. Pour in some eggs with veggies to create a fun omelet. Or, pop in some shredded potatoes for a buzz-worthy hash brown!

7. Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker

The Whirley Pop is my favorite way to make popcorn — you just pour their kernels in, spin the handle, and voila! Watch my video HERE to see just how simple it is to whip up fresh popcorn without a microwave. Want to win extra points with your gift-receiving friend? Stuff a Netflix gift card in with the popcorn machine!

8. Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Recreate the classic ice cream sandwich right in your own home with this simple-to-use ice cream sandwich mold. You use a brownie mix for the cookie part and your favorite ice cream for the center. The best part? You can customize them however you want! Make the brownies gluten-free and opt for a dairy-free ice cream to make your indulgence a bit healthier. Plus, play around with ice cream flavors!

9. Flexible Spiralizer

I call this electric spiralizer that turns fresh veggies and fruits into noodles a “flexible” kitchen tool. That’s because it helps you create healthified versions of traditional comfort foods, like zoodles. The best part? This particular serializer comes with six different cutting blades — thick noodle, thin noodle, ribbon noodle, wavy cut, thin slice, and thick slice!

10. Dehydrator

The dehydrator is one of my favorite kitchen tools of all time. It makes whipping up snacks like homemade granola, crackers, nuts, and dried fruits a real breeze. Just prepare your ingredients, place them on a dehydrator sheet, and let them ride. You can go about your day as usual and in a few hours (or in some cases, a few days), you’ll have a delicious treat.

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