Our top 9 healthy food websites that deliver within Asia

There’s nothing we love more than browsing the aisles of a health food store, touching, feeling and learning about new offerings. But sometimes it’s more convenient to simply click and purchase from the comfort of your home.

More and more companies are springing up offering delivery to Asia. Here are our favorite online “go-tos” in the region which offer quality products and outstanding service. 

Fresh Produce

Eat Fresh

While we love getting up close to our produce to get ideas for fresh and seasonable ingredients, shopping for veggies with Eat Fresh is the next best thing. They always have stock and their veggies are great quality.


The Organic Grocer

If you’re in Singapore, you’ll love The Organic Grocer. Stocking everything from organic meats to pantry goods from around the world, their selections are extensive and high quality. They work directly with farms and wholesalers to bring produce direct to you. Better yet, delivery is free!


Green Vitamin

Selling the best kale in (Hong Kong) town, the Green Vitamin is another one of our local favourites for their premium produce and in-house creations (like organic rooibos tea kombucha and coconut yoghurt). Fry up your kale with some garlic or use it to make Nealy’s favorite kale chips. They also sell vegan Happy Cow Ice-Cream, which you can use to make Nealy’s Chunky Monkey Ice-Cream.




From life-changing Jem’s Sprouted Almond Butter, activated nut snacks from Raw Ecstasy to paleo-friendly on-the-go bars from the likes of The Primal Pantry, look no further than this Asia-based online store. We love the site’s look and feel, which helps to showcase items in a way that’s as close to “real” shopping as you can get. Based in Hong Kong, they deliver all around the world. (Use the discount code “MayyaMovement” to enjoy 10% off at checkout through the end of June.)


Raiz The Bar

Thank you to our great friend Priscilla Solgio for finally launching her raw chocolate line, Raiz The Bar. They make fresh, organic, raw (cold-processed), low glycemic, single origin, small batch, allergen friendly chocolate from un-roasted winnowed cacao beans ethically sourced direct from a farm co-op in Indonesia. It’s the best we’ve tried anywhere and it’s available right in our local city—plus they now ship to your doorstep.


Pantry Staples


This health food giant, based out of the US, ships pretty much everywhere, reliably and quickly. iHerb is well stocked with everything you could need—from supplements to cereals, organic beauty products to nut butters. Re-ordering is a breeze, as they keep track of your orders. It’s a great place to purchase supplements, organic nuts and seeds and it’s where we source our pantry staples for gluten-free baking. 



Amazon is no newbie, and it sure isn’t based in Asia, but with options to easily refine your search based on shipping destination, tags like “gluten-free,” “organic” and “Non-GMO” and an option to search by brand, purchasing difficult-to-find products could not be easier.


Meat & Fish


If you’re after grass fed, hormone-free beef and chicken, look no further than Gonzalos—their meat tastes as good as it is for you. Email them and you’ll receive a reply instantly with frozen meats at your doorstep the next day.


The Fish Wives

Fish is one of those foods that can cure you—or kill you, it all depends where your fish is sourced. Mercury poisoning from fish is all too common, and we are very particular about our sources. The fish from the Fish Wives are sourced straight from NZ and deliver in Hong Kong and Singapore. So you can enjoy fresh fish knowing it’s good for you. 


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