The 8 best beauty products to pack for your travels

Beauty is not just skin-deep. How you feel on the inside is almost always reflected on the outside. But no matter how good your routine is, if you regularly travel you’ll know changing time zones and eating different foods wreaks havoc on your system—both inside and out. 

Sick of dehydrated airplane skin and guts that don’t work? Here’s a run down of products I refuse to leave home without.

1. Get unstuck with triphala

An Ayurvedic herb, Triphala keeps you regular on the road. Yes, you know what I mean—you’ve seen the way a change in altitude sucks the air out of plastic bottle, imagine what it’s doing to your insides! I take one or two Triphala pills at the start of a long haul flight. Trust me, it does the trick.*

2. Beach ready with Kate Somerville self tanning pads

Long gone are the days when I used to bake my face and body in the sun. A sun-kissed look is not worth the risk of cancer and wrinkles. Easy to use and individually packed with a small mitt to avoid getting product on your fingers, the Sommerville360 Face Self Tanning Pads are the best alternative for an instant face glow without the health and beauty risk of sunshine.

3. Airplane facial mask from Sisley

Don’t let the price tag of Sisley’s Express Flower Gel mask scare you off. This product is worth the investment. I spread a thin layer of this mask during long haul travel and let it seep it’s magic into my pores. No need to wash it off. Your skin will feel hydrated and fresh upon disembarking as if you never entered the dehydrating skies.

4. Apply your Vitamin C

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serum protects your skin against the damaging effect of sun exposure and pollution by neutralizing free radicals. Slather it on underneath your moisturizer on the morning you arrive and it clears your complexion. In a carry-on friendly size, it’s easy to carry and worth the shlep.

5. Eye-wrinkle extinguisher

Is it just me or do you always find more eye wrinkles after a long flight? I swear by Clarisonic’s palm-sized Opal Anti-aging Eye Corrector. Gently massage the serum (which is included) into your eye zone after a flight and instantly feel and look a little less tired.

6. Sunlight in a pill

Another trusty pill I rely on when I travel is Vitamin D. Living in polluted cities in Asia where our exposure to quality sunlight (needed to synthesize the hormone) is limited, almost all of us are deficient in this essential immune-boosting hormone. Helps with jet lag too!

7. Sleep in a bottle

I’m a fan of Sprayable Co’s new invention, Sprayable Sleep. If you use melatonin to help you sleep on a flight or to combat jetlag, this topical melatonin spray is better than the pill equivalent. It delivers melatonin directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the liver and delivers just the right amount of melatonin for your system to help with you zz’s.

8. Smells like home away from home

I like to travel with my Lelabo Rose Perfume oil. (Hongkongers, good news, they’ve recently opened a store on Star Street in Wan Chai). A strong, familiar scent can turn a stuffy hotel room into a calm oasis. The oil is a lighter alternative to a heavy perfume and if you wear it on the plane you won’t overwhelm fellow passengers. Happy travels!

*As you know, I’m no doctor and only speak from personal experience! Please do your own research and read our disclaimer.

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