My packing system will help maximizing space in your suitcase, so you can easily fit clothing, beauty supplies, workout gear, snacks, and other essentials!

Jet Setter: Nealy’s Tricks For Packing Like A Pro

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I’m often boarding a flight and heading somewhere for either work or family. For the last couple of decades, my family and I have split our time between three continents — regularly jetting to Hong Kong, Israel, or the United States. With an intense travel schedule, I’ve learned a few tricks to make packing a breeze. My smart packing system will help you maximize space in your suitcase so you can easily fit clothing (plus, keep them wrinkle-free), beauty supplies, workout gear, and travel snacks! Whether you’re a globe-trotter or about to take flight for the first time, there are some good takeaways in here for everyone.

Watch For My Packing Tips

Some Products Featured In This Videos

Manduka Travel Mat

Manuka Yoga Towel

Light-Weight Travel Sneakers

Packing Squares

Let’s Chat Snacks

In the video above, I highlight some of my favorite snacks to pack for travel days. Click here for an even longer list of foods you can get past airport security! Inside, you’ll find healthy, grab-and-go snacks and meals to help you avoid in-flight tummy grumbles!

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