Top Travel Snacks You Can Get Past Airport Security

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or you’re about to soar through the sky for the first time, let’s get down to the important stuff … food! Airports are filled with not-so-good-for-you food options, and that pack of processed cookies that attendants pass out mid-flight does nothing for tummy grumbles. That doesn’t mean you have to shrug your shoulders and simply give up on your fresh eating for the day. With a little preparation, you can easily bring your own travel snacks. These nourishing foods will help you beat bloat and fatigue, all while satisfying your crunch cravings.

1) Salads and Sandwiches

The day before your flight, fill a disposable container with fresh veggies and protein. Then, add your dressing right before you head to the airport to avoid soggy lettuce or pop your dressing into a mini Ziploc bag. Try my Shaved Brussels Sprouts Slaw With Chicken or this Kale and Cauliflower Salad with Cashew Dressing. Get creative and use up any leftover veggies you have in the fridge. After all, they probably won’t be fresh when you get back from your trip and it’s such a shame to waste great food.

Note: If you’re traveling internationally, make sure you eat fresh produce before you get to customs.


2) Nuts

Nuts are the perfect travel snack. Just throw them in a Ziploc bag, toss it in your purse, and whip it out when you need something to munch on. While you can certainly pack regular nuts for your trips, I like to bump them up a notch with a few spices and vitamin-rich ingredients. Take these Maple Cayenne Spiced Pecans, Spicy Roasted Pistachios, or Chipotle Cheesy Pecans, for example. Your dehydrator will do all the work and you’re left with a gourmet-tasting treat!


3) Veggie Chips and Gluten-Free Crackers

Sure, you can buy a bag of chips at the airport, but why fill your body with all that grease? Ditch the processed stuff and make yourself a bag of these nourishing kale chips instead. I make my kale chips in a dehydrator, but you can always dry them out in your oven if that’s easier. Don’t have kale on hand? No problem! You can turn just about any vegetable or fruit into healthified chips. If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, try my gluten-free crackers. With one bite of these crispy, buttery, and utterly addicting raw crackers, you’ll never be caught reaching for gluten-filled saltines again!


4) Granola

Granola is another easy-to-make snack that’s great for travel days. The great part about homemade granola or muesli is it’s a no-rules sort of recipe, which means you can play around and have fun with it. Add your favorite seeds, nuts, or dried fruit and tailor it to your flavor preferences.


5) Buy Smart Snacks

Too pressed for time to make your own snacks? No worries. Swing by your local supermarket or health food store on the way to the airport and pick up some smart treats. I like to get those perfectly portioned 100 calorie snack packs or protein bars. If you’re grabbing a box of bars, just make sure to check the label and get one that’s high in protein and under 5 grams of sugar.


6) Packet Tuna and Sardines

Tuna and sardines are another great grab-and-go meal. You can either throw a can in your purse and dig in when you’re ready, or you can whip up my no-mayo tuna salad and store it in adisposable container. I use avocado instead of mayo – it’s sort of like an adult version of the childhood classic. I recommend eating these before you get on the plane or your neighbor may not be your best friend!


7) Fresh Fruit, Veggie Sticks, and Hard-Boiled Eggs

Apples, bananas, oranges, veggie sticks, and eggs will make it through security. Plus, they will keep your mind and body energized for the long day ahead. If you’re traveling internationally, make sure to eat these before you get to customs.


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