How To Be a Flexible Entrepreneur with Amy Jo Martin

Nealy the flexible entrepreneur working from home

Hey you guys!

I’m excited to share this podcast conversation that was very fulfilling to record with the incredibly inspiring Amy Jo Martin.

Amy’s podcast, Why Not Now, inspires you to ask yourself what you are waiting for because now is the time to do all of the things you desire. Yeah, even during a global pandemic!

Amy and I spoke about some of my personal vulnerabilities, my most pivotal ‘why not now’ moment over 20 years ago, how to be a flexible entrepreneur and inspiration towards finding your calling. It’s a quick 30 minute listen that will leave you with some takeaways to do that thing the little voice inside you is begging for.

Despite our world being nothing like we’ve ever imagined it, you can still take massive action toward accomplishing your goals and dreams. You just have to be flexible!

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