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Passover lasts for eight days and is one of the biggest festivals in the Jewish calendar. During that time, we don’t eat grains (other than matza, which is an unleavened flatbread) or legumes. Random fun fact – I actually enjoy the Passover diet because it’s a great way to hit the reset button and ease […]

7 Creative Matza Recipes For Passover (and any time of year!)


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This gluten free chocolate chunk banana bread is a new family fave that’s so delicious! Given the popularity of my original banana bread (honestly, that recipe has thousands of hits each month!), this chocolate chunk banana bread takes things to a whole other level! It’s super-moist, buttery, and offers delicate notes of caramel from the […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread


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We love pancakes in this house and you might be surprised to read that this recipe was inspired by one of Liam’s (my youngest son’s) own creations. That boy does love his chocolate! These white chocolate chunk pancakes with ganache are surprisingly effortless to whip up but look incredibly indulgent. The best bit? You probably […]

White Chocolate Chunk Pancakes with Chocolate Ganache


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This slow cooker turkey chili with beans, beer, and broth will warm you from inside as you watch the Super Bowl this year! I snuck in some cubed pumpkin for a touch of sweetness and nutrition. Feel free to omit the pumpkin completely or flip it and swap with sweet potatoes. Most slow cooker recipes […]

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili with Beans, Beer, and Broth


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Seth and I were more than 12,000 miles apart when we celebrated 24 years of marriage in January! I was at KTLA‘s studios in Los Angeles to talk about how to make healthier food choices without feeling deprived. This was timely because “Quitter’s Day” comes around just a couple of weeks into January. I hadn’t […]

Food Swaps to Healthify Your Favorite Foods


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My gorgeous friend, Anna Dearmon Kornick, has one of my all-time favorite podcasts about work and life and balance. As an entrepreneurial busy mom of four who leads a very full (yet flexible!) life, you can see why I like it, right? So OF COURSE I said yes when Anna invited me onto her show! […]

Why Flexibility Is Your Greatest Time Management Tool


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My sister’s kids are all dairy free and when we spend summers on our ranch in Montana I somehow always struggle with serving up any form of pasta and cheese because it just never quite measures up. Well, until now. I love how this recipe doesn’t just scream fake-mac-and-cheese but has redeeming qualities as its […]

Best Ever Dairy and Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Lunch and Dinner

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One of my favorite things to eat is this super flexible and veggie loaded quiche. I used to call it a frittata but my kids won’t eat frittatas so I called this dish a quiche and they agreed to try it! Funny huh? In my cookbook I have a recipe called pizza quiche which is […]

Cheesy Crust Free Quiche With Vegetables


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Oh for the love of cookies! When my kids were younger we used to dedicate a whole pre-holiday afternoon to baking cookies. We’d play some uplifting tunes and spend quality time together in the kitchen and I’d teach them how to precisely measure the flour and crack the eggs, and then I’d let them roll […]

Cashew Thumbprint Cookies With Raspberry Jam And Glaze


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It’s TFC HOLIDAY DESSERT WEEK! I’m going to celebrate all month long with my holiday gluten-free dessert party round-up recipes. You read me right! I’m celebrating the end of another year, with hope that next year brings some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m celebrating Chanukah, Christmas, New Year, celebrating friends & family […]

Holiday Gluten-Free Dessert Party Round-up


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The name French 75 comes from the French’s weapon of choice during WWI, the 75-millimeter Howitzer field gun. Today, the drink is mixed with gin, syrup, champagne and lime. The name comes from the fast-firing taste similar to when the weapon strikes. Lucky for you, after just a few sips you’ll likely just be hit […]

I’m about to share my favorite time-saving baking hack: using store-bought boxed mixes. Get my secrets for making them taste homemade!

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In this piece, I’m about to share my favorite time saving baking technique: using store-bought boxed mixes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total advocate for making muffins, bread, and desserts from scratch. Heck, I’m even publishing an entire cookbook to help you become a flexible baking master (read more about that here). But here’s […]

Does 5:00 pm ever roll around and you still have no clue what to make for dinner? Here are my fallback dinner meals that take 20 minutes or less!

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Despite all the best laid out plans, sometimes 5:00 pm rolls around and I have no ideas for dinner. I may not even have my usually fully stocked fridge, forcing me to rely on just a few staples. Here are my fallback dinner meal ideas for when you have no idea what to cook… plus […]

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