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Oh for the love of cookies! When my kids were younger we used to dedicate a whole pre-holiday afternoon to baking cookies. We’d play some uplifting tunes and spend quality time together in the kitchen and I’d teach them how to precisely measure the flour and crack the eggs, and then I’d let them roll […]

Cashew Thumbprint Cookies With Raspberry Jam And Glaze


There are so many myths about fat floating around. But what's fact and what's fiction? In this article, my friend and best-selling health guru Dr. Mark Hyman breaks down 8 fat facts that we should all know!

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Looking back, when I first launched a Facebook group, I asked people a question: What is your #1 health goal? More than 90% of group members immediately jumped to their weight. In an attempt to drop those pesky pounds, many of us turn to various extreme diet plans. And when one doesn’t work, it’s onto the […]

Fat Is Not the Enemy: 8 Fat Facts You Should Know


Food contains info that talks to your genes.  It's the fastest acting and most powerful medicine you can take to change your life. This is nutrigenomics.

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The most powerful tool you have to change your health is your fork. Food is not just calories or energy. Rather, our food contains information that talks to your genes, affecting their function moment to moment. That’s right—food is the fastest acting and most powerful medicine you can take to change your life. We call this nutrigenomics. […]

Nutrigenomics: Skip the Pharmacy and Hit the “Farmacy”


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Nourishing vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats are all key ingredients to a healthy, well-balanced meal. This chicken dish by my friend Dr. Mark Hyman has them all. Along with being a good-for-you dish, the rich Mediterranean flavors of lemon, oregano, artichokes, and olives meld together nicely to create a blast of flavor your taste buds will love. Before […]

Greek Chicken Thighs with Artichokes and Olives


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In Dr. Hyman’s last post he enlightened us with compelling research about food addiction and why being fat may not be your fault (phew right?). Brace yourself as he shares his 12 ways you can curb cravings and crush food addiction for good! I hope you’re beginning to understand the science of food addiction and why […]

12 Ways to Curb Cravings and Crush Food Addiction


Doughnuts Food Addict

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If you think you eat too much because of a lack of willpower, think again. Dr. Mark Hyman walks us through a powerful study which proves foods that are higher in sugar and rate higher on the glycemic index are addictive in the same way as cocaine and heroin. If you have kids, keep them away from regular access […]

Are You a Food Addict?


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In Dr Mark Hyman’s last piece he shared some compelling reasons how we can benefit from supplementing our diet with vitamins and nutrient boosters. In this article, he describes some of the more common supplements so you can determine which are going to work best for you in 2016.   Everyone reading this blog should get on the basic plan of supplements and […]

9 Essential Vitamins and Supplements for 2016


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I hate popping pills. Often I’ll convince myself that surely I get enough nutrients and antioxidants from kale and chocolate alone. Sadly, this is not always the case. My life in Hong Kong can be exhausting and depleting, and sometimes boosting my diet with a supplement simply does the trick. Not convinced? Try it for yourself and let me […]

Do You Need Dietary Supplements?


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In this post Dr Mark Hyman shares the rationale behind his unique diet: being a pegan, a mix of the paleo and vegan diets.  As a doctor, it is my job to figure out the best way to keep my patients healthy. We now know that food is medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet […]

Paleo or Vegan? How about a Pegan diet?


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Are you a bit of a sugar-holic, or even just a lover of fluffy white bread? If so, this post is for you. In it we learn from Dr Mark Hyman about a condition known as insulin resistance and how it can wreak some serious damage to your body.  How do you feel today? Or should […]

Insulin resistance: what is it and what havoc can it wreak on your body?


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What’s your favorite kitchen tool? I'm personally obsessed with my dehydrator! In this post, I'm sharing why I love it so much and 9 things I make in it!

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What’s your favorite kitchen tool? I’m personally obsessed with my dehydrator! Sure, dehydrating food takes a long time. But here’s the good news: While your dehydrator may need a few hours—or in some cases, a few days—to deliver the decadent dish you’ve been craving, once you prep your ingredients, you can leave them and forget […]

I’m about to share my favorite time-saving baking hack: using store-bought boxed mixes. Get my secrets for making them taste homemade!

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In this piece, I’m about to share my favorite time saving baking technique: using store-bought boxed mixes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total advocate for making muffins, bread, and desserts from scratch. Heck, I’m even publishing an entire cookbook to help you become a flexible baking master (read more about that here). But here’s […]

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Love sipping on a flavorful beverage, but hate all those extra calories and chemicals? In this article, my friend and health blogger Melissa Gundersen shows us 11 delicious infused water recipes and steps us through how to make them! Every morning I wake up, stumble to the kitchen, and make myself a pitcher of infused water. […]

“Nealy is a wellness visionary who serves up superfood.”

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