10 Dairy-Free Recipes That Are So Good You Might Be Fooled

I’ve been on a no-dairy kick for a while. Not only is it tough to digest, but it’s also not that great for your skin, can irritate sinuses, and is loaded with hormones and chemicals. Plus, there’s been research that links dairy to certain cancers. For me, I would prefer to go without it (well, except for once a year when I make this real-deal cheesecake for my family). We really don’t miss dairy since, these days, there are so many ways to recreate that creamy, dairy texture without sacrificing on taste or style. Here’s a roundup of some amazing dairy-free recipes for you to integrate into your cooking repertoire.

Happy dairy-free cooking and baking!

Dairy-Free Cheesecake

You really can make a dairy-free cheesecake and this recipe is proof that it can be beautiful and yummy (just look at the photo above)!

Dairy-Free Lasagna

I tried this lasagna recipe years ago and it was great. Just the thought of it is making me want to drool! Don’t get scared off by the crazy ingredients list and prep (which usually turns me off too). I promise the outcome is worth it.

Dairy-Free Milkshake

Bananas and peanut butter make this Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake so creamy you’ll be in dairy (free) heaven.

Dairy-Free Parmesan

Parmesan is incredibly versatile. I like to crumble it on top of salads or snack on it straight up. If you’re looking for a great dairy-free parmesan then you must try Kris Carr’s truffled parmesan.

Photo by Kris Carr

Photo by Kris Carr

Dairy-Free Caesar Salad

Caesar salad really doesn’t need the cheese to be amazing and this recipe is one of my favorites!

cesar salad

Photo by Savory Lotus

Dairy-Free Ice Cream

I came up with this semi-homemade ice cream recipe and let me tell you, not only is it easy to make, it’s also ohh-so-good! After indulging in a bowl of this ice cream, you may not even crave dairy ice cream again.

chunky monkey ice cream 2

Dairy-Free Pesto

Pesto really doesn’t need to have dairy. Use this as a marinade for fish, on top of some gluten free or raw pasta, or as a salad dressing. It’s extremely versatile and is a staple in my house.


Dairy-Free Yogurt Parfaits

Dairy-free yogurt is popping up in supermarkets everywhere. I personally don’t love the flavor so I layer it parfait style with berries and granola.

yogurt parfait 2

Dairy-Free Raw Chocolate Cake

Try this decadent raw chocolate cake by Jaime Oliver. This one’s definitely on my list to try this week!

chocolate cake

Photo by Jaime Oliver

Dairy-Free Coffee Cake

Often times baked goods include dairy, but they certainly don’t have to. This vegan coffee cake is the perfect example!

Photo by The Fit Kitchen

Photo by The Fit Kitchen


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