Why I love Dr Mark Hyman of the Functional Medicine Institute

Dr. Mark Hyman is a practising family physician, New York Times #1 Bestselling author and medical editor at Huffington Post. For me, that spells experience, depth of knowledge and dependability. 

I first met Mark in New York City in December 2013 and was immediately drawn to his integrity, sense of humor and intimate knowledge of human health and physiology. Little did I know he was leading a revolution in the healthcare movement at the time through his role as Chairman at the Functional Medicine Institute.

Over the last several years, Mark has gained rockstar status amongst fans and professionals alike. He is dedicated to getting to the root cause of modern disease and enabling people to live a life of vitality. His most recent bestseller The 10 Day Detox Diet has inspired people around the world to clean up their diets and their lives. 

In May 2014, Mark joined the MAYYA Movement Urban Wellscape in Hong Kong as keynote speaker and contributed powerfully to our message at launch. We have since been following his musings intently and sharing his wisdom. It is with great pleasure that we at MAYYA welcome Mark to our community.

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