Why I love Dr. Sara Gottfried of the Hormone Reset Diet

Mother, yogi and Ayurveda advocate. Doesn’t seem like you could say those words in the same sentence as “doctor,” but then again Dr Sara Gottfried is anything but average. Since undergoing her own journey from “frumpy, fat and frazzled” to “enjoying the best years of my life,” Dr Sara has been on a mission to share her medical insights with women of the world. 

And I am one of those lucky women. Confession: I used to be fat. Not obese, but carrying too much weight for my 5-foot 2-inch frame, especially around my hips and abs. (I’ve produced four children—so cut me some slack!) Back then, I thought losing weight and attaining optimal health was a simple equation of calories in and out plus getting off the couch and onto the treadmill. How wrong I was.

Since immersing myself in the health industry, I have discovered a slew of factors which contribute to your overall shape and condition: The types of foods you eat, the quality of exercise you perform and maintaining a delicate balance of your hormones, among other more complex matters. Hormones? Yes, hormones, those precious substances that silently pump around your system. And this is where Dr Sara’s influence is invaluable. As a women’s doctor, she sheds light on how to balance our hormones—especially as women—and how, through an interplay of diet and lifestyle, we can transform the way we thrive in our bodies.

Since meeting Dr Sara, I’ve learn that, apart from teaching yoga, she is an advocate for women eating dark chocolate. And now I love her even more, and I know you will too.

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