Whether the airport feels like your second home or you're about to board your first flight ever, here are some travel tips worth keeping!

6 Savvy Travel Tips For Your Next Flight

Whether the airport feels like your second home or you’re about to board your first flight ever, here are six savvy travel tips worth keeping!

1. Make Sure Your Luggage Stands Out

Are you one of the million people who carry a plain black suitcase when traveling? Oops, your black bag is easy to confuse with someone else’s. Get yourself a snazzy, brightly colored luggage tag to stand out from the pack, or, better yet, buy a colorful bag that’s easy to spot on the conveyer belt.

2. Pack Light and Carry On

Domestic USA travel is so hectic these days that I do anything possible to minimize the hassle and maximize my ease in airports. It may not always be possible, but, whenever you can, squeeze a couple days worth of clothes and essentials into a carry-on vs. checked baggage. You’ll save yourself time and money. Just print or save your boarding pass on your phone and head straight to the security line.

3. Stockpile Samples

I love to stock up on sample-size cosmetics and facial creams to keep for my travels. Drug stores and beauty shops, like Sephora, carry sample-sizes of almost everything. If you travel often, keep a small case of all your travel necessities so it’s always packed and ready.

4. Protect Your Valuables

Keep a close eye on your valuables when going through the security line. Always sandwich your laptop and other large electronics in-between your carry-on bag and purse bin so it’s harder for someone to snatch and harder for you to forget it on the belt!

5. Invest In a VPN Network

If you’re a regular traveler and need to get work done while at the airport then you may want to invest in a VPN (AKA Virtual Private Network). It basically provides you with a secure internet access – unlike the airport’s free WiFi. You can find out more about VPNs here! 

6. Pack Essentials In Your Carry-On

If you travel often enough, chances are you’ve been delayed or missed a connection once or twice. Always pack essentials like cosmetics, your computer, and even a change of clothing in your carry-on in case you end up spending the night in an unexpected city.

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