No Time for a Vacation? Create Your Own Pamper Retreat Without Leaving Home

We all crash. And when we do, the only way to restore our body, mind, and soul is with proper rest and recuperation–it’s critical to our well being. And while your heart may be proclaiming, “I need a vacation and I need it now!” hopping on the next private jet to the Maldives is a fantasy for most of us. So, I devised a pamper retreat ready to be rolled out anywhere, at any time. Read on to learn how you can treat yourself to the ultimate weekend detox retreat without needing to leave your city. 

Get Ready

Fail to plan and plan to fail. If you’re going to do this right, you have to get the planning in the works at least one week in advance in order to avoid getting de-railed.

Tell everyone: Tell your girlfriends and significant other about your plans for a DIY detox and either get them involved or let them know that you need a weekend off. It creates accountability and helps set the wheels in motion.

Don’t over-schedule the weekend: Postpone or minimize social outings, particularly those involving alcohol. This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Get your menus organized: Plan your meals for the weekend and get your shopping list ready.

Friday Night: Let the Detox Begin

Start: Wash away your troubles with some bubbles. Start your detox with a cleansing shower or bath. Try dry brushing with a loofa – it’s great for your skin and removes surface toxins. Soak in some epsom salts or magnesium flakes and sip some hot tea as you relax.

Eat: Let food be thy medicine. Cook up a light meal like my Mexican cauliflower rice for a nutritious start to your weekend, then eat your meal mindfully. Avoid the temptation to eat while doing any activity other than eating–this means no reading, watching TV, or talking on the phone. Sit. And savor. every. mouthful.

Unplug: DisconnectIt’s time to unplug. Send your last messages and let your loved ones know that you’re heading offline. Then turn off your mobile devices and put them away. Seriously.

Unwind: Get comfy. Put on your comfiest pajamas and head to bed. Put on some soothing music and light some candles–yes, you’re setting the mood, but for no one else but yourself! Pick a great book from my Best Reads List and hop into bed.

Sleep: Sleep solves everything. Commit to a 10pm lights-out curfew. Don’t set an alarm for the next day. Take a moment to think of three things in your day that were great. Things you are grateful forSweet dreams.

Saturday & Sunday Routine

Wake slowly: Whenever you wake up, get up slowly and softly. You probably feel amazing but avoid the temptation to jump out of bed. Slowly and leisurely is the mantra of the day.

Morning routine: Get up and grab yourself a warm cup of water with a slice of lemon and ginger. Sip on it while you write in your Gratefulness Journal. When you’re done, unfold your mat for your yoga morning stretch routine. Next, whip up a batch of my Green Power Juice and head out the door.

Stroll: Go for a walk, preferably somewhere in nature like the beach or a spot where you can see the horizon beyond buildings. Think of your walk like a stroll rather than a power walk. Think of the walk like a flush for your legs and your mind.

Breakfast: Try my Sunrise Eggs with Veggie Hash for a protein and vegetable rich breakfast.   Eat slowly and sip some more hot lemon water or a cup of tea with breakfast.

Meditate: Never meditated before? Not too late to start. Get some tips from our resident meditation expert Tom Cronin here and here.

Lunch: Get a meal in early. Try my Sprouted Quinoa Tabuleh and grill some salmon to pop on top.

Pamper: If you have the budget, book yourself a massage and a facial. Alternatively, DIY at home with a scrub and facial mask.

Connect: Plan an evening with someone you love. It doesn’t have to be a night on the town. Invite a friend over for dinner or spend home time with your loved ones. Whomever makes you the happiest, be around them.

Bed routine: Like Friday night, start your bed routine early, around 9pm. Lights out 10pm!

Sunday Evening: A Chance to Reflect

Rather than rushing back to check your phone, take the opportunity to unwind. What did you miss over the weekend? Did you really miss Facebook? Which habits did you enjoy, and what can you bring with you into your daily life? It might be waking earlier, journaling, or your morning stretch routine. Whatever it is, resolve to keep at least one habit and fit it into your week.

Remember, as Dr. Sara Gottfried says, life is a continuous process of detox, retox, detox. Living a life of austerity and restraint is unhealthy. But your well-being and healthy mindset requires some frequent pauses…as well as punctuations. Choose yours wisely.

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