7 minute post workout stretch routine

I love a good workout, but not when I can’t walk the next day. Coupled with a dose of mindfulness, post workout stretching ensures I get the most out of my workouts (and avoid post-workout waddles). This week Morgan Jane, of The Well Dressed Work Out, helps demonstrate my tried and tested stretch sequence. 

It’s also a great 7 minute way to start your day. So why not try it? Set aside some precious moments first thing in the morning to incorporate these simple yet invigorating postures. This week I challenge you to set yourself a goal to do this short yoga stretch sequence everyday for the week after your workout, or even on its own.

This is part one of a three part stretch series. Stay tuned for my quick yoga fix series for the days when you want a full body yoga workout in under 15 minutes.  

1. Dog nealy assist

Downward dog. Opens upper back and spine and lengthens the back of the legs.

2. deep lunge 3

Low Lunge. Releases groin, hip flexor and quads. Settles the pelvis.

3. uttanasana assisted

Forward fold. Turns your attention inward. Stretches hamstrings and spine.

4. open janu 1

Seated side stretch 1. Grounds legs and opens chest.

4.5 open janu sidebend

Seated side stretch 2. Grounds legs, opens chest and stretches side body.

5. full open janu

Full seated side stretch.Grounds legs, opens chest and stretches side body fully.

6. janu sirsanana

Seated one legged forward bend. Rotates spine, calms nervous system, stretched hamstrings.

7. bridge

Bridge Pose. Opens chest and shoulders, stretches the front of the thighs.

8. knee hug

Knee hug. Opens hips, releases psoas.

9. supta leg up

Supine hamstring stretch. Roots thigh into socket, stretches back and opens hamstrings.

10. supta leg catch

Supine deeper hamstring stretch. Kicks the last pose up a notch!

11. supta leg open

Supine inner thigh stretch. Lengthens opposite thigh, stretches inner groin and inner thigh.

12. supta twist

Supine twist. Rotates body, aids in digestion and spinal release.

13. savasana copy

Resting pose. Promotes rest, restoration and balance.

Photographer: Darren Lebleuf

Location: The Landmark mandarin Oriental Spa

Model: Morgan Jane @thewelldressedworkout

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