My Top 6 Healthy Reads This Mother’s Day

I have always found Mother’s Day rather ironic. I mean, isn’t every day as a mom basically a Mother’s Day? But as my kids grow older, I’ve come to realize that the day isn’t so much a celebration for moms as much as it is a day for kids to appreciate their moms. As all of us know, there is nothing worse than when our kids act entitled, spoiled, or ungrateful. So, fellow moms, I encourage you to let your family spoil you this Mother’s Day and raise a family that values appreciation more than expectation.

My heart melts when my daughter makes me breakfast in bed. She puts a lot of thought into the presentation. I also love it when my boys suggest I get a message (hey kids, hint, hint … keep that up more often, would ya?)

Let your family spoil you today so that you raise a family that values appreciation more than expectation.

I’ve rounded up some of my top posts for you this Mother’s Day. Kick back with a glass of champagne and enjoy the reads.

7 Reasons Why Motherhood Makes You Better

Mothers day

Are you afraid of what might happen when you start having kids? Are you a mom, or do you know one, who sometimes feels like she’s “lost herself?” Pregnancy prepares us – and motherhood grooms us – to be disciplined, mindful, conscious, protective, and sensitive. All of those qualities are the perfect ingredients to getting in the best physical and emotional shape of your life. Here are my seven reasons why motherhood rocks and so do you.

The Supermom Debate: Can We Have It All?


The reality is there is no such thing as a supermom because in the end something always gets sacrificed. Get clear and realistic about what you can accomplish; stay focused on your priorities and create a life of excellence that you brings you fulfillment; one that you’ll look back on one day and be proud of achieving. More than anything, this will make you seem like a true supermom in the eyes of your children.

The Place Beyond Tired: Demystifying Adrenal Fatigue


Ever been to that place beyond tired? Not just after a long day, but a place of deep exhaustion for weeks on end. A place where a third cup of coffee by noon isn’t enough, the simplest of tasks seem mammoth, and you need a hit of sugar before you even consider doing a workout. Taking time to pause gives us an opportunity to listen to our bodies. When you feel like it’s all too much, realize that it really is possible to overdo it, and do what you need to do to pull back.

From Tragedy to Triumph: Living with Juvenile Diabetes


We all have women in our lives who we admire for their resilience and grace in the face of personal adversity. For me, one such woman is my friend Melissa Brewster. She’s a devoted mother of three girls, two of which have been diagnosed with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. She is a hero and an inspiration. Her story teaches us all invaluable lessons of courage, dedication, and endless motherly love.

How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables in 8 Simple Steps


Every night at mealtime for a whole year I served salad with dinner. I ate mine and offered some to each of my kids individually. Every night the answer was the same, “No thanks, Mom.” But I kept up my salad ritual until one ordinary Tuesday night I asked if anyone wanted a salad. My oldest boy piped up, “Sure Mom, I’ll try some.” Seriously?! Now he eats salad. Never give up because you will eventually get your kids to eat vegetables. Beyond hope alone, here are my tips and tricks for getting your kids off chips and onto more veggies and dips.

Life’s Wake Up Call: Are You Living One That Matters?


Why wait for a wake-up call that begs us to be our most extraordinary selves? What if we could be and do all of these things right now? Don’t wait until you are 60, and don’t wait for the phone call. Be kind. Be selfless. Find a purpose that fuels you every day.

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