My Top 6 Empowering Reads For Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to relax in the sunshine with a good book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. If you’ve ever read a good book before – I’m talking about one that’s full of substance and great advice – then you know how it can transform your life. Just a few paragraphs can ignite your inner passion for eating healthier, moving more often, and living an enriched life. Here is my newest summer reading list filled with empowering books I think you will love!


Who doesn’t need a little boost of confidence? As a mom, speaker, and teacher I found Amy’s tips and motivations to becoming a parent invaluable. I snagged a copy of Presence at the Harvard Bookstore – if you ever find yourself in Boston it’s a must stop! Watch Amy Cuddy’s famed TED talk if you want a condensed version of this book.






parentsThe Parents We Mean To Be

The title alone caught my attention. When my husband and I became parents over 14 years ago we always wondered why my son wasn’t born with a manual. In an age where so many of us live geographically removed from parents and grandparents, or disconnected from communities, parenting books help us survive (and thrive) as mentors to our children. Read The Parents We Mean To Be to be the best parent you can be.





gritGrit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance

In the groundbreaking book, Grit, Duckworth suggests that passion, persistence and an unwavering devotion to the things that bring us joy are greater factors in determining success than talent alone. If you’ve ever found yourself passionate about something and then you drop your projects midstream, this book may get you excited to see things through.






breakfastWhat The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

I recently read a piece in the Wall Street Journal by Laura Vanderkam based on her book 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think. Laura’s advice on how to maximize time and potential is essential for modern living, not to mention inspiring! I’ve ordered this book to read over the summer and can’t wait to learn more.






get thinEat Fat Get Thin

Written by bestselling author and doctor Mark Hyman, this book will get you to change the way you think about food. I grew up thinking fat was the enemy. Now we know that it isn’t fat that makes us fat. Rather, sugar is the real killer. Another great hit by one of my favorite authorities in the world of progressive nutrition, get your hands on Eat Fat Get Thin and watch your pounds melt away for summer.






retoxRetox: Yoga, Food, Attitude: Healthy Solutions For Real Life

I am psyched that my friend, yoga teacher extraordinaire, and now author, Lauren Imparato has released her first book. Lauren’s no-nonsense approach, humor, and realness shines through in all of her projects. Pick up RETOX to learn to “retox” instead of detox this summer.

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