Crunched for time in the morning and don't know if you can pack a nutritious lunch? Think again! Check out these tips to make packing school lunch a breeze.

Tips For Packing a Healthy and Stress-Free School Lunch

And just like that summer break is over. Can you believe it’s time for the kids to go back to school already? In the midst of school shopping and supply prep, don’t forget to think about lunch time. A healthy and satisfying lunch is essential for keeping your kiddo focused and alert all day. But when you’re crunched for time in the morning (or pretty much all of the time) packing lunches for kids can become downright stressful. That’s why I’ve got you covered!  Read on for my tips to make packing school lunch for your kids a breeze.

1. Stock Up On The Basic Lunch Box Essentials

So this may sound pretty straightforward, but you’re going to need to get a lunch box. But rather than reaching for any old lunch box, look for one that comes with built-in organizers. Take the Bentology lunch box, for example. This insulated bag comes with a translucent bento lunch box that features 5 containers, 3 leak-proof lids, and an ice pack. So, in the end, you save money by not having to purchase separate Tupperware (who doesn’t love saving money?!)

Some other lunch box essentials are: 

  • Waterbottle 
  • Reusable utensils
  • Labels to help your child know exactly what’s in each box
  • Napkins
  • Hand sanitizer wipes

2. Pack Your Lunch The Night Before

This will help to eliminate the morning craziness and guess work out of “What should I pack?”

3. Get Your Kids Involved

Packing lunches can become a chore … a great chore for your kids! Teach them how to pack their own lunch at a young age and make it fun. Label the parts of the lunch box they need to fill with colored stickers (green for a veggie, red for a protein, blue for a carb). You’ll not only be getting a helping hand, but you’ll also be teaching kids about making smart food choices and packing what they like to eat. 

4. Bake Ahead For The Week On Weekends

It’s a lifesaver to bake, freeze, and even individually wrap your treats. Make healthy muffins, bars, and homemade granola—these are all great on-the-go lunch box ideas.

5. Sneak in Healthy Things 

If you’re making a peanut butter wrap then mix in some chia seeds or hemp seeds. You can also sneak veggies into frittatas and swap out mayo for mashed avocado in tuna salad. These are just a few examples—get creative and have some fun with fresh foods!

6. Recycle Leftovers

Chicken wraps, pasta salad, kid-approved salads, breakfast for lunch, and frittatas with veggies. Get smart about you already have on hand and work your leftovers into your kid’s school lunch box. 

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