Artichokes served with spicy mayo sauce

Artichokes and Spicy Mayo

Artichokes are usually overlooked when it comes to sides but these green guys are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants all while served up on a pretty plate! If you’ve never cooked them before, don’t be intimidated! They are super easy and taste delicious.

The simplest way to make artichokes is to cover them in a pot with water. To season the water, just add a slice of lemon and salt. Boil for roughly one hour, drain and let cool. While you can eat these hot or cold, I like to refrigerate mine and serve as a side dish or an appetizer. It makes for the perfect make-ahead flexible dish! Don’t underestimate the spicy mayo dip, it’s the golden key to these artichokes! This mayo also goes with just about anything but is a winner when it comes to munching on artichokes, which, on their own don’t pack a ton of flavor. I serve this up as a side to go along with my Lamb Chops with Mint, Garlic and Lemon Marinade, and boy, they did not disappoint! Give them a try especially if you’re looking to try something new!

If you’re nervous about cooking these up for the first time, no worries, I made this quick and easy video for you! If you’re following me on Instagram, then you definitely got a peek at this first! Make sure you’ve joined the Flexible Chef Family!

WATCH: Cooked Artichokes and Spicy Mayo Sauce


  • 6 whole artichokes
  • 1 lemon
  • salt

For Spicy Mayo

  • 1 heaping spoonful mayonnaise
  • 1 spoonful mustard
  • 1 dash siracha depending on how spicy you want it
  • 1 tablespoon pesto


  1. Cut off ends of artichokes and slice the lemons.

  2. Place the chokes and lemons in a pot of hot water and add salt.

  3. Boil for 1 hour.

  4. Drain and cool off with ice.

  5. Mix ingredients for spicy mayo sauce.

  6. Serve and enjoy!

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