7 Ways To Create Your Own DIY Retreat and Feel Amazing

Between work, kids, relationships, and the overall hecticness of life, do you ever wish there was a reset button to get you back on track when you’re feeling stretched by it all? Yeah, me too.

All of us are constantly seeking a return back home – to the place where we feel safe, healthy, accomplished, loved, connected, and purposeful. Yet life often pulls us too far away from our center to the point of near collapse. We take on too much, we work too hard, we eat or drink too much, we starve our souls. The good news is it’s never too late to get ourselves back on track, and I propose that you can do it in one weekend. Call it a staycation, or DIY retreat, and plan to recharge and invigorate your mind, body, and soul. Here are my seven guiding principles to stick by during a home retreat:

1. Unplug

Commit to unplugging from electronic devices for the weekend. Yup, the whole weekend. Don’t text, use apps, or check any emails. Unplugging is restricting but not irrational. It will actually have a calming effect, which also improves concentration.

2. Move gently

No hikes or hot yoga classes. In short, no form of intensive activity which is going to sap your adrenals (the linchpin coordinating all of the body’s hormones). Gentle walking, swimming, or gentle yoga classes are what you’re after to breathe and restore.

3. Nourish

If you choose a DIY retreat over an entire weekend, eat mainly fresh vegetables, fruits, and nourishing meals which have as little processing as possible. Avoid inflammatory foods such as dairy, red meats, grains, sugars, and super salty foods.

4. Rehydrate

Drink lots of warm water and herbal teas. It goes without saying, alcohol should be off the menu too. Keep a bottle of water by your bed and sip liberally.

5. Sleep Well

Get to bed early every night, aiming for 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Even the power women of this world, like Arianna Huffington, say they prioritize sleep. Arianna often tells the story of suffering from exhaustion, collapsing on her desk, and consequently hitting her head, ouch. Get more zzz’s.

6. Laugh

Spend time with people who make you laugh, watch amusing films, or read an entertaining book. Sharing a good laugh with friends or family is a sure-fire way to inject happy hormones into your body and reduce the negative effects of stress hormones – laughter really is the best medicine.

7. Pamper

Spoil yourself with hot baths, massages, and beauty regimes. Massages, in particular, are more than just a whimsical indulgence. They are known to do everything from relieving chronic pain to boosting immunity.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it, including you.

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