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7 Pampering Gift Ideas That Make Women Feel Special

Giving someone a gift is a special exchange. It’s a chance to make someone feel loved and appreciated. In return, it feels great to know you’ve just put a smile on someone’s face. Leading up to that exchange, though, can be downright stressful. In search of the perfect gift, you’ll probably ask yourself, “Will they like it?” Here’s an easy solution: Rather than a material item, why not give the gift of self-love this holiday season? You heard me! Give someone an experience of true personal pampering. I’m not just talking about your stock-standard foot massage. I’ve searched high and low and curated a list of unique winning pampering gift ideas that symbolize thought, love, and care.

1. The Gift of De-Stressing

“I believe that in our culture we need certain socially accepted places where we don’t answer the telephone, we don’t have to answer questions, or agree with anyone or anything” – John Lily.

Sensory deprivation involves submerging yourself in a pod-like tank filled with salt and magnesium-infused water heated to 34 degrees Celsius (roughly surface skin temperature). Cocooned within the pod you float, with your ears submerged, weightlessly. Every muscle in your body is given permission to finally let go, as your mind enters a calm and relaxed state. From first hand experience, it is true bliss.

In Hong Kong, FloatOn Hong Kong offers three lots of 60 minute introductory floats for HK$1,350, www.floatonhk.com.

2. The Gift of Beauty

“I believe that all women are pretty without makeup — and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup” – Bobbi Brown

Most women wear it everyday, but how many of you can truly say you are the master of applying your own makeup? Proper makeup application has the power to transform your look and propel you forward in the day with confidence. Which is why the gift of one-on-one time with a makeup artist is an investment in not just your loved one’s beauty, but their wellbeing. 

A two hour makeup lesson with Hong Kong-based Jamie of Smudge Makeup Artistry costs HK$1,500 . More information available at www.smudgemakeupartistry.com.

3. The Gift of Skin Clarity

“Beautiful skin requires a commitment, not a miracle” – Erno Laszlo

Living and working out in a polluted city can wreak havoc on your skin. No matter how diligent you are with your skin care regimen, it is no competition for the swathe of chemicals that seep into your pores as you move and sweat.

This is where Skin Laundry comes in handy. They offer medical-grade laser and light therapy treatment for your skin. The fast and incredibly effective procedure helps reduce the early signs of aging, reduces redness, clears acne, helps prevent breakouts, evens skin tone and texture, and more.

A one-off treatment won’t break the bank, but it is not as effective as a series of treatments, which is why a gift of Skin Laundry membership or a series of treatments makes for the perfect, year-long pamperfest.

Skin Laundry is available in California, Arizona, New York and Hong Kong. In Hong Kong a new client special of three laser & light treatments is HK$1,288, www.skinlaundry.com.

 4. The Gift of a Beautiful Home

“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Coming home to a relaxed and beautiful space should not be a luxury reserved only for A-listers. If you know your loved one has devoured a year’s worth of “House Beautiful” magazine, but is still no closer to creating their sacred space, perhaps it’s time to step in and enlist professional help. In Hong Kong, the Home Stylist offers a bespoke home styling service using the furniture you already have as well as a personalized shopping service.

Bespoke services with the Home Stylist start at HK$900 per hour, www.thehomestylist.org.

5. The Gift of Confidence

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” – Chanel

When a woman wears an outfit that perfectly complements her curves, that she feels comfortable in and, above all, looks good, she oozes a confidence that is untouchable. And if that doesn’t quite sound like the special someone in your life, perhaps some time with a personal stylist would do the trick.

Lane Crawford in Hong Kong offer a personal shopping experience. Simply email them to book your slot. 

6. The Gift of  Goals

“The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goals, but having no goals to reach” – Benjamin Mays

Having a life coach is an invaluable addition to your life. A good coach can help tease out your true goals in life, set you on the right course, keep you accountable and also cheer you on when you hit your milestones. Health coaches do the same for your wellbeing. It’s a luxury that we might never indulge ourselves in, making it a thoughtful and treasured gift.

Molly Suggs is a life and leadership coach based in the US who comes personally recommended by Nealy. For Health Coaching in Hong Kong, we recommend Rowena Hunt

7. The Gift of Pampering

You can never go wrong by gifting a day at a day spa. Ever. Men may never understand it, but a woman will always melt at the thought of a day of self-indulgent, “me-time” bliss. Gift a whole day experience for a true pamper. 

If you want to go “all out” for your woman nothing beats Hong Kong’s Four Seasons Spa.

The half-day “Be Present Day of Beauty”  at the Four Seasons Spa in Hong Kong is HK$4,300 to HK$4,700 depending on the treatment. 

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