3 Healthified Chocolate Treats for Kids (You’ll Want To Sneak a Bite Too!)

Let’s get real for a second. If you put a kale salad on one side of a table and a big tray of chocolate brownies on the other, it’s pretty obvious which side kids will gravitate to. While I try my best to teach my four kiddos the importance of eating good-for-you foods, I still think it’s essential for them to indulge in a sweet treat from time-to-time. If we don’t allow for any flexibility in our lives, we’re more likely to break.

I’ve been busy creating healthified chocolate treats to keep both my kids and myself happy. In my latest video, I show you have to make a fun banana sushi dish, apple donuts that taste way too delicious to be good for you, and a quick chocolate popcorn treat. Melt one big pot of chocolate and you can make all three treats at once. I promise your kids will love you for it!

3 Healthy Chocolate Treats For Kids

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