Why I love Jeremy McCarthy, Global director of Spa at the Mandarin Oriental

When I first met Jeremy McCarthy he came across as a cool guy in a suit. And he is a cool guy in a suit, running the global spa operations at Mandarin Oriental Spas worldwide, and so much more.

Jeremy is a life-long student of the mind. He started studying psychology 20 years ago and in 2009 graduated from his Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology. He believes in the powerful connection between our mental and physical experiences, and is an advocate in merging the two in positive, holistic ways. 

In his role as Global Director of Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, he’s creating a ripple effect of wellness through their spas all over the world and actively contributing to the conversation of what it is like to live well. We are thrilled to be a part of the dialogue through Jeremy’s informed, educating musings at the MAYYA Movement. 

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