Every morning, my alarm goes off at 5 a.m. That's when I spring to my feet and get moving. See 6 reasons I get up so early and why you might want to too!

6 Compelling Reasons To Wake Up At 5AM

The clock strikes 5 a.m. and my iPhone wakes me up to my week’s favorite song. Sure, staying wrapped in my cocoon almost always sounds tempting. But, I get up ready to enjoy the catchy tune and the thought of the peaceful hours ahead before the rest of the world awakens with its urgency. Here are six reasons I wake up at 5AM and why you might want to too!

Less Distraction

When you wake up before most of the world, you get to experience true tranquility — uninterrupted peace and quiet. There are no kids yelling, no phones ringing, no televisions making noise, and no horns honking out your window. With little distraction, it’s easy to see why I find 5 a.m. the easiest time to focus. I get some of my best writing done before the sun even rises.

More Creative Than Late Night

Sure, you may also find the chaos quiet down after 10 or 11 p.m. when everyone goes to sleep, but nothing beats working on a fresh brain. Even if I didn’t get a great night’s sleep, I have more mental energy first thing in the morning vs after a draining day of work, kids, cooking, and whatever else life throws at me. Take advantage of morning creativity by journaling, mapping out your goals for the day (and maybe some big picture life goals), or throwing yourself into an important project. When I first started writing bestselling cookbook, I actually woke up around 4:30 every morning to test flavor concoctions and create new dishes!

Time To Workout

A lot of moms ask me: “With four kids, how do you find the time to workout?” My answer is simple: Wake up an hour earlier! While there is no right or wrong time to move your body, there are a couple of reasons I prefer morning sweat sessions. First: How often does life get in the way and you wind up canceling your evening workout? Been there! It’s rare for something to come up and pull you away at 5 a.m. Second: Getting your endorphins and other feel-good chemicals flowing bright and early is just a great way to start your day. Here’s an example of my quick ab sequence.

Don’t Rush Breakfast

At some point, we’ve all forfeited breakfast for the sake of not being late to something. But, you know what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Waking up early means you finally have enough time to cook something nutritious and eat at the table — not in your car or at your desk. Even with some extra a.m. minutes, though, I like to be smart about my meals. If I’m making my sunrise eggs with veggie hash, for example, I pre-chop the veggies so they’re ready to pop in the pan when I wake up. This makes a healthy meal just an arm’s reach away.

Easier Commute

No one likes sitting in a sea of traffic on their way to work. If you spend your days at an office, try getting out the door 30 minutes earlier than usual to beat the rush hour crowd. Lighter traffic = less stress!

Time Alone

As much as I like my people, I equally enjoy time alone. Study after study links solitude to increased concentration, improved productivity, and a chance to reboot your brain. Whether you spend your time alone thinking, writing, reading, meditating, or just painting your nails, soak up these precious moments.

So, are you thinking of giving this whole morning thing a try? Just imagine what you could achieve if you were to set your alarm a little earlier. In this article, I highlight 9 healthy morning habits to try before 9 a.m. Check it out and give them a try!

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