Protect yourself from the sun with these 9 beauty products

Blue skies and sunny days always make me feel lighter and more carefree. With summer now firmly in swing, you can leave behind your winter worries but you can never get lazy on your skincare regime, even with daily doses of sunshine. Always protect your face and feel free to expose the rest of your body sunscreen-free for up to 30 minutes a day to some Vitamin D-rays. Your health (and your wrinkles) will thank you!

Here are my go-to products to help protect a youthful glow and stay feeling protected and glamorous — even in the heat of summer.


Hair Protection

Don’t be deceived: your “sunshine” summer highlights and the sunshine don’t mix. There’s nothing more damaging and dehydrating to treated hair than harsh sunlight. Enjoy the heat without frying your locks this summer by using Sun Solel Fekkai. It keeps my blond highlights set even in the sun and smells amazing too. It’s also a perfect travel size.

Available at Joyce Beauty boutiques;


Mineral foundation powder

I discovered this little gem from La Bella Donna while visiting one of my favorite hotel boutiques in California, The Montage Laguna Beach, and am hooked. Add a splash of coverage to your face without the heaviness of a foundation with the added bonus of good-for-you minerals and SPF 20.

Ships to Asia;

la-bella-donna-loose-mineral-foundationSunscreen-SPF 50

For full, weightless sunscreen coverage I love Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense. Lather this thin but powerful product on over your day cream for full protection in direct sunlight. Great for long days at the beach.

Ships to Asia;


Oil Free Day Cream

My mother always told me to never leave home without sunscreen but I never paid enough attention to her wise words until my first wrinkles appeared. These days, even on a cloudy day, I never leave home without a day cream with SPF coverage in my handbag. I’m obsessed with this day cream from Israeli creators at Sea of Spa. It’s super light, making it perfect for the humid climates of Asia. I buy this product over and over again.

Available on;


Sunscreen Facial Spray

When it’s hot and sticky don’t you hate having to reapply thick and goopy sunscreen over your delicate skin? Continuous reapplication of sunscreen wreaks havoc on my pores and feels uncomfortably heavy. When I discovered this lightweight spray, from Goldfaden MD, everything about reapplication of sunscreen changed! This light mist offers incredible protection and cool-mist refreshment on a hot summer’s day.

Ships to Asia;



Lip Balm

I have a collection of lip balms, yet always find myself reaching for Sugar lip balm by Fresh. It glides over my lips easily, moisturizes well and smells divine without a choking aftertaste. My advice? Buy two!

Ships to Hong Kong;


Lip Gloss and plumper

Need a little more gloss and color? Stay protected and glamorous with The Balm lip gloss. This is my top choice no matter the season. It delivers the perfect mix of moisture and shine and with the added bonus of SPF protection. Moisturise, plumps and fabs me up every time.

Ships to Asia;



All day Protection

Coola sunscreens are simple and fab, it’s no wonder they are popping up everywhere. This smart travel set makes it easy to throw some in your purse for the day or pack on a weekend trip away.

Ships to Asia;


Coconut oil

Finally, a product that works and doesn’t break the bank! Get that coconut oil jar out of the pantry and into your bathroom cupboard. You can use Coconut Oil all over your skin during summer to keep your skin hydrated, especially after being in the sun.

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