With Mother's Day right around the corner, The Flexible Chef is sharing a list of simple yet heartwarming holiday surprises!

The Best Mother’s Day Surprise

Calling all husbands and dads, this post is for you! My husband Seth actually thought Mother’s Day was last Sunday, so here’s your heads up—it’s this weekend.

One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts? Well, sure, a day at the spa is always nice (hint, hint). But I really get a kick out of when my kids take the time to create a few DIY surprises for me—like breakfast in bed. It’s rewarding to see them use the lessons I’ve taught them during our time in the kitchen together. Plus, it’s nice to have someone else do the cooking for a change—I’m sure all you moms out there can relate!

Watch as my kids surprise me with a healthified breakfast in bed. Plus, read on for recipe links, more special surprises the kids can create, and a few gift ideas from dad!

Print These Recipes For Your Kids To Follow

Other Fun Mother’s Day Surprises

Spice Up Breakfast: Melt some chocolate (the kids will really have fun with this) for mom to dip her pancakes in. The kids will probably indulge in some, but that’s part of the fun!

Make Cards: Bust out the crayons, markers, scissors, pretty shaped hole punchers, and cardstock paper and have each of your kids make a special card for mom.

Give Her Some Time Off: Take the kids out for a few hours after breakfast and let mom relax in PJ’s or go off to the gym. Moms love alone time, especially on Sunday!

Gifts From Dad

Here are some more add-on gift ideas (from big to small) that I’m personally coveting this year.

Apple watch: Enough said!

Spa time: My sisters just got me a massage at the Four Seasons and it was Ah-mazing. You can purchase it from your living room and use it at any hotel around the world.

Stand Mixer: This one from Kitchen Aid comes in a variety of colors!

Personal Training Sessions: I just started working with a trainer for the first time in many years. I’m loving the shake-up of my usual routine. It’s the sort of luxury you don’t always buy for yourself. Just be careful your wife doesn’t think your hinting she could use a workout!

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