Mother’s Day In Quarantine: 10 Ways To Make Mom Feel Special

Mother’s Day is an annual reminder to pause from our busy lives and show some appreciation for the women who love us most: moms, grandmas, great-grandmas, even aunts, or any mom that inspires you! Since we’re all stuck in quarantine (AKA, our “new normal”) this year, things are obviously going to be a little different. We can’t make reservations at mom’s favorite fancy restaurant or treat her to a luxurious day at the spa. But, that doesn’t mean Mother’s Day is canceled. Nope! Here are 10 ideas for young kiddos who live with their moms and adult “kids” who will be wishing mom a happy holiday from afar.  

Live With Mom? Here’s How To Make a Special Day

Make Cards

Grab some colorful crayons, markers, scissors, pretty shaped hole punchers, and cardstock paper and have each of your kids make a special card for mom. Not only will a homemade note touch mom’s heart, but it’ll also keep the kids busy for a little while (which is an added plus for mom)!

Breakfast In Bed

This is a Mother’s Day classic and you just gotta do it! If your kids already know how to make mom’s favorite breakfast then awesome! But, if they need some inspo, print out these recipes for your kids to follow:

Veggie Frittatas

Grain-Free Blueberry Pancakes

Super Simple Pancake Donuts 

Picnic In Your Yard

You may not be able to take mom out to a nice restaurant, but you can create your own “restaurant” in your backyard! Bust out the blankets, blow up some balloons (tie them to rocks so they don’t fly away), and whip up mom’s favorite picnic staples. Bring a Bluetooth speaker to play some music and maybe even some games.

Pop-Up Spa

It’s been a while since mom’s been pampered at the salon. And, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Us moms really miss our perfectly polished nails! Since you can’t take mom to the spa this year, why not bring the spa to her by grabbing some nail polish bottles and opening up your own pop-up salon in your bathroom? I bet she’ll love a mani/pedi! Or just a foot massage … hint, hint.

Hollywood at Home

Hit the lights and turn on Hallmark Channel (or whatever mom loves watching)! There’s really nothing better than snuggling up with mom to watch her favorite movie. Make some chocolate popcorn as an added bonus! 

Celebrating Mom From Afar? Here Are Some Ideas! 

Virtual Breakfast & Mimosa Bar

Make yourself some breakfast, pour yourself a mimosa, and hop on a FaceTime or Zoom call with mom. Cheers from afar and enjoy some bonding time. While on a video call, if your mom loves a good game, check out Jack Box Party Pack. 

Netflix Party

You may not be under the same roof, but you can still watch a movie together! Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix movies and shows remotely with friends and family. 

Send a Virtual Greeting Card 

I have family all around the globe, so when it comes to sending cards, I’m a huge fan of Paperless Post. They offer a large variety of templates and make sending cards a cinch. 

Create a Special Photo Slideshow

Doesn’t everyone love looking back at old photos and savoring magic moments? Take mom back to some special times by creating a photo slideshow paired with a soft tune. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional video editor to make something smile-worthy. Either use your phone’s camera roll or download a slideshow app.

Sign Her Up For A Digital Class

Whether your mom is an empty-nester or just needs some fun activities to fill her spare time, why not gift her up a remote class? One skim through ticketing sites, like Eventbrite, and you’ll find a bunch of different workshops. Get this: Many are free! Just use the search bar to type in your mom’s favorite activities — from cooking to painting. There’s something out there for everyone. 

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