MAYYA + KEE in September: Yoga, great conversation and elevated company

We all love a great yoga workout, and with a full house and the lights dimmed, Nealy Fischer led another charged sweaty flow practice. Set to uplifting beats at Hong Kong’s KEE Club, Fischer’s message resonated beyond tight glutes and strong abs: To sweat out any fears and doubts in order to awake our inner potential for greatness. In a room lit with candles and good company with a few silent moments of rest, the group finished the class feeling grounded and open.

Next, the crowd gathered close as they were led through an intimate discussion on “xenoestrogens” by MAYYA Movement’s health transformation specialist, Dave Catudal. Catudal watched his brother battle leukemia growing up, then lost his father to cancer aged 17, so he has made it his personal life mission to live well and teach others the same. He went on to explain the link between xenoestrogens — alien or foreign estrogens — that enter the body through chemicals and hormones in the environment and foods we eat. Read more about xenoestrogens and how they may be affecting you here.

Finally, the hungry crowd indulged in Nealy’s delights — her Chicken Lettuce Cups with Mango Salsa and Cilantro Pesto, Salmon and Spinach Burgers and Fresh Corn and Cauliflower Hash were among the hits of the night — while enjoying a glass of wine and a good chat with new friends and old.


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