Why I Love Celebrity Nutritionist Dr Oz Garcia

Who isn’t bombarded with conflicting health information in our increasingly saturated digital world? Kale is first touted as a nutrient rich green, and then it is bashed as a pesticide heavy vegetable. Chocolate is marketed as super-food, or wait, isn’t it a junk food?  Does dairy make you sick and bloated or offer you a good source of calcium?

Our ability to determine what’s best for us is by first getting educated about the issues and then making appropriate lifestyle choices. Essentially, my approach is this: learn the rules and then be flexible enough to pick and choose the ones that fit your body and life best.

Enter Doctor Oz Garcia, New York City based celebrity nutritionist and bestselling author. When you enter Oz’s Upper West Side office you step into an oasis of personalized health care that’s unprecedented today. Oz’s highly personalized nutritional program shatters the one-fits-most nutritional approach. His programs analyze your body type and your history, and only then determine what you need to thrive.

I am beyond excited to introduce you to Doctor Oz Garcia as he shares wisdom and sheds light on the most basic but profound question: What the heck should I eat to live well?


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