Live A More Balanced Lifestyle: My Zig-Zag Method


You know that insane amount of pressure you often feel to have a perfect life? Or feeling unbalanced in your daily routine? When every day, you do your best to act according to plan, and any little trip-up would derail your entire day, week, or even month? Then suddenly, you’re fighting to get back to that place where you felt everything was right.

Well, I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. My exclusive zig-zig method has driven results!

For years, I too was so determined to walk in this unachievable straight line. But turns out, life has other plans! (Who knew, right?)

In episode five of my reality tv show series, The Flexible Life, I met with the beautiful Pamela Smith. She expressed to me these same feelings of constantly running. With my help, I mapped out a plan to allow her and her family to live a more balanced lifestyle.

Now, these anxieties can’t be solved overnight, but I was determined to show Pamela a framework that allows her -and anyone- to live life by a healthy reality. Let’s make this happen for you, too, with my 1:1 exclusive coaching program!

Introducing: My Signature Zig-Zag Method For More Balance

Eventually, I had enough of my own perfectionism and I finally realized what was so necessary in helping tackle my day-to-day challenges: flexibility.

Then I thought, “How can I visually represent the way of living life with this key ingredient?”

Enter: The Zig-Zag Method. My easy, and totally doable, life framework that has allowed me to veer to the left or the right, and easily return to my center. 

First, let’s start with the midline. This line represents when all the ways we want to live are lining up: we feel amazing, we’re living on purpose, and we’re living according to our values. Basically? Our best life.

However, the reality of life is…well, we zig and zag! But the important thing to remember is that this is NORMAL. And as long as we can learn to re-center to the magnetizing force that keeps us in line, we can always counterbalance our stressors.

The hardest part? Not correcting our zig to zags. Sometimes, we can feel so disconnected from what we want, and what we think is most important. Then all the sudden we’re so far off from what truly matters. 

How To Use The Zig-Zag Method In Your Own Life

To start, ask yourself what your dream life is. Dig deep, and write down what that best life of yours would look like. How are you spending your time? Who are you surrounded by? What are you eating and how does it make you feel?

Of course, this is your midline – the place where you focus on making this best life happen in a flexible way.

When you’ve learned to bend without breaking, this healthy reality gives you the ability to zig and zag without PRESSURE. Because the truth is, being rigid hinders long-term progress, whereas flexibility makes room for whatever life throws our way, while still moving toward our goals. 

By applying aspects of the flexible life framework, you’ll witness the transformation as people pursue excellence – not perfection, feel energized & inspired, and learn how to be creative in & out of the kitchen.

Are you ready to transform your life with a little flexibility?!

Be sure to click here and watch episode five of The Flexible Life and how I helped Pamela Smith come back to her flexible midline and live a fabulous life. For more inspiration and ideas, click here!

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