Whether you’ve achieved Flexible Chef status or still learning to cook, one peek at this list of clever kitchen tools and I bet you'll feel inspired!

9 Clever Kitchen Tools & Goodies You Need Right Now

Whether you’ve already achieved Flexible Chef status or you’re still learning your way around the kitchen, one peek at this list of clever kitchen tools and I bet you’ll feel inspired. Some of these goodies are just fun to have (you’ve gotta check out #3!), while I consider others essential. The best part? You can get them right on Amazon. So go fill up your shopping cart and get cookin’!

1. Souper Cubes

I know what you’re thinking: What the heck is a souper cube? Well, it’s a large silicone ice cube tray that lets you freeze perfectly portioned out broths, soups, and sauces. So you can make meals in advance, freeze them for later, and defrost just the right amount. Wanna know what I call someone who prepares meals ahead of time? A Flexible Chef!

2. Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Recreate the classic ice cream sandwich right in your own home with this simple-to-use ice cream sandwich mold. You use a store-bought brownie mix for the cookie part and your favorite ice cream for the center. The best part? You can customize them however you want! Make the brownies gluten-free and opt for dairy-free ice cream to make your indulgence a bit healthier. Plus, play around with ice cream flavors.

3. Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Sticking with the theme of fun freezer tools, here’s one for all the wine lovers: A 4-in-1 chiller, stopper, aerator, and pourer. Check out these cool features:

Chiller: This gadget has a long icicle-looking tube that’s filled with freezing gel. Grab it out of the freezer before company comes over and let it dangle in your wine bottle. Before you know it, you’ll have perfectly chilled wine.

Stopper: At the top of the chiller is a fully-functioning cork.

Aerator: It has a built-in aerator that helps bring instant balance to your wine.

Pourer: Ready to serve? Get this: With an easy pour spout, you can simply tilt the bottle to pour wine right through Corkcicle Air.

4. Whiskey Wedge

More of a whiskey enthusiast? I’ve got you covered! I just grabbed one of this neat ice cube molds for my husband, Seth, and thought it was way too good not to include on this list. Use it to create a sleek ice cube wedge on the side of your whiskey glass. Not only does it look Instagram-worthy, but it also doesn’t water down quickly. Win-Win!

5. Salad Chopper

Wish you could recreate those perfectly chopped salads like you get at restaurants? Now you can! This cool kitchen tool — that looks kind of like a pizza cutter — features two round blades at the end of a non-slip handle. You just roll the blades over your veggies and voilà! The company’s motto? Stop, Chop, and Roll!

6. Joule Sous Vide

Have you ever heard of sous vide? It’s a cooking method where you place food into a plastic pouch or glass jar and then cook in a water bath. Tools like Joule ensure you don’t overcook your food. It heats water fast and holds an accurate temperature. Ready to get started? Just pair it with your smartphone, set your desired doneness, and get cooking!

7. High-Quality Kitchen Gloves

Whether I’m cooking up a meal or washing dishes, you can pretty much bet I’m sporting a pair of kitchen gloves. It’s partly to protect my manicure, and also because I don’t like touching certain things (raw chicken … yuck!). While there are a lot of kitchen gloves on the market, I love that this particular pair reaches up to your forearm. Plus, the inside is lined with cotton, making them more comfortable than 100% latex.

8. Reusable Food Bags

Whittle down your kitchen waste by ditching plastic bags and using these reusable silicone ones instead. The Stasher brand has amazing reviews, and for good reason. They come in a variety of sizes. Plus, they’re made from platinum food-grade silicone so they’re safe to use in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, boiling water, and ovens up to 400º Fahrenheit.

9. Silicone Challah Bread Mold

I grew up eating challah bread every Friday night at family Shabbat dinners. But with a husband, four kids, a full-time job, and a long to-do list, I don’t always have time to stand there braiding my bread. That’s where this handy silicone challah bread mold comes in! Just whip up your bread mixture and make it in this mold — it comes out looking braided without all the extra effort!

What are your favorite kitchen tools and goodies

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