Nealy Fischer Healthy and Flexible holiday Tips

How to Stay Healthy and Flexible over the Holidays

Life gets busy over the holidays and it’s easy to fall behind on your healthy lifestyle. But with a few simple hacks it’s easier than ever to stay on track.

Here is a preview of how to manage the holidays healthfully and mindfully.

1. Stay hydrated

Keep infused sparkling water right by your desk and continue to fill your cup all day. You can get my recipe for infused sparking water in my cookbook and watch below on how easy it is to assemble

2. Have a healthy snack

Before heading out to a holiday party or dinner with friends, eat something light so that you aren’t famished when you arrive. You’ll likely make smarter choices later!

3. Keep up your exercise routine

During the holidays its hard to make time for ourselves. Between family, friends, entertaining and travel, the first thing that often falls behind is you. Schedule your workouts into your day like you would a meeting and keep moving.

4. Keep healthy snacks readily available

I like to keep healthy snacks right at eyes reach so when the kids get home (or when I want a snack), better-for-you options are right in front of you so you have no excuse to reach for a bag of chips.

Watch me on PIX11 as I share the tips above and how to indulge flexibly over the holidays.

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