It's not enough to want your life to change. You can't just plan on it changing. You have to work for it. Find out how to achieve your life goals.

How To Achieve Your Life Goals

I always have a goal.

A few big picture life goals: I wish for my business to succeed. I want my kids to eat healthier. And who doesn’t strive to find the perfect life balance so you never miss out on the joys of life with family and friends? Then, I have really specific life goals.

Now I want you to remember back to last January. Did you “resolve” to accomplish anything big or small last year? And here’s the kicker: Were any of last years resolutions the same as this years?

GUILTY. Mine often are.

Here’s the problem: It’s not enough to want your life to change or wish it to change. You have to find inspiration, create a plan, and work hard to make change happen.

You have to want change more than anything else—get so fired up that nothing will get in your way.

Get Fired Up – Achieve Your Life Goals

I remember a time when I was overweight. No, I was fat. Like, love handles and double chin kind of fat. I REALLY liked chocolate chip cookies, and even though I wished I was thin, I wasn’t prepared to do a lot about it. So what do you think happened? Right, NOTHING. I stayed fat for a while because I wasn’t ready to change.

Wishing happens in our dreams.

Doing happens in real life.

One day I was so frustrated with my body that I just decided I was never going to fat again. Ever!

That’s when I was finally prepared to do EVERYTHING to change. I believe that in order to make any resolution stick you have to:

  • Want change so badly that you’re prepared to do ANYTHING.
  • Make a plan right away and EXECUTE IT.

Don’t let the winds of life carry you right back to where you were a couple of years, weeks or even days ago.

  • Be the change NOW.
  • Do something to GROW.
  • Follow your DREAMS.
  • Figure out what’s STOPPING you?
  • Always ask yourself: “What can I do about it TODAY?”

A few years ago, one of my goals was to commit to writing one blog every week. I created a plan and stuck to it. As I look back, I’m proud to say I achieved that goal. Click around as I share my stories, recipes, and wellness tips to help inspire your path towards living a more healthy and mindful life. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey.

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