Holiday Gluten-Free Dessert Party Round-up

It’s TFC HOLIDAY DESSERT WEEK! I’m going to celebrate all month long with my holiday gluten-free dessert party round-up recipes. You read me right! I’m celebrating the end of another year, with hope that next year brings some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m celebrating Chanukah, Christmas, New Year, celebrating friends & family and the challenges we’ve overcome. One of the ways to celebrate is eating what you LOVE with a spirit of gratitude and a smile!


I have a holiday gluten-free dessert party recipe round-up of sweet old recipes that taste like great memories—Mom’s award-winning chocolate cake, the classic cheesecake, homemade challah, Chanukah doughnuts! Of course, they’ve all been transformed into gluten-free desserts with a few gluten-free swaps after 15 years of being a gluten-free family. 

We tried a few new desserts from friends too that I’d love to share with you! Did you try any new gluten-free desserts that you loved!? If not, you’ve got to try these before the year is over! Hopefully, you can add one or two of these treats to your holiday baking!

Chocolate cake

Yes, my mom actually won an award for this chocolate mousse cake and was featured in the newspaper. Above all, picture a chocolate mousse layer that’s baked and then topped with the rest of the fluffy and decadent chocolate to mimic a fluffy chocolate cake.

Holiday Challah bread

It took me about two years to perfect the ultimate gluten-free challah and I’m so excited that people around the world have been enjoying this at their Friday night tables. The challah is slightly sweet with just enough vanilla to make your home smell like a decadent bakery while baking! Get the recipe in my cookbook Food You Want For The Life You Crave.

Gluten-free cheesecake

Need inspiration for the ultimate rich and creamy New York style cheesecake? Featuring a crumbly, buttery crust and a hint of cinnamon, this decadent cheesecake is topped with a tart and sweet raspberry topping. Here’s the recipe for my gluten-free cheesecake.

Gluten-free doughnuts

Did you know doughnuts are a Chanukah tradition? We look forward to these gluten-free jelly doughnuts every year! I don’t love huge doughnuts that much, so I make mine by taking small amounts of dough and rolling them into mini doughnut balls (as opposed to large discs). Delicious! 

Thanksgiving favorites all year round

Lastly, here are some of the best healthy Thanksgiving desserts. But, really, they’re amazing for any special occasion throughout the year!

Which will you try first?

Above all, my holiday gluten-free dessert party round-up are here as an inspiration for your next dessert party.  I hope these recipes help you keep the holiday spirit alive and sparkling. 

If you’re struggling with finding food to fit your lifestyle when you’re at holiday parties – please read this!  


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