International Women's Day

Let Her Eat Cake: Guilt-free indulging

Today is International Women’s Day and to celebrate, I decided to give you insight into one of my favorite females and how she lives guilt free, unapologetically.

Her Secret? Cake.

My 30 year old sister, Yael, says her life is happier with a big slice of her favorite cake every night which she bakes herself, for herself. When she first told me this I must admit I was judgmental—cake every day? Can’t be a good thing! Yet, she’s a gorgeous, happy (and hardworking) mom of three young girls, in impeccable shape with a permanent smile and a glow to her. She says that to compensate for her insatiable appetite for chocolate cake and brown buttercream frosting she exercises (hard) for an hour, 6 days a week.  She eats mostly clean the rest of the time and has figured out a caloric balance in her day that works for her.

Beauty and the Balancing Act

In short, she embodies the definition of a fulfilled woman: She aspires for excellent health but is so attuned to her body and her desires that she has creatively found a way to have her cake and eat it too. She works hard, and then she plays hard and she doesn’t really get phased by judgement or criticism. She has, in essence, found the coveted magic potion towards freedom.

A Hero in Disguise, Not Just On International Women’s Day

This is my definition of a flexible chef—one that aspires for excellence but finds a creative way to live the life she wants on her own terms. I know eating a piece of cake every night isn’t for everyone — I know my body wouldn’t do so well with that. But, it’s all about figuring out your unique formula; have your cake and eat it too! You are a superwoman after all, you deserve it!

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrate with baking Double Chocolate Cake for the flexible females in your life!

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