Guacamole Board: An Awesome Idea For Your Next Party

Guacamole — it’s the perfect dip, toast topper, garnish, and, I confess, sometimes even a snack straight up on a spoon! A few years ago, I shared my 3 secrets to making the best guac ever. Here’s a refresher:

  1. Start with a really good, ripe avocado
  2. Never, ever over-mush your guacamole. Keep it chunky
  3. Be liberal with garlic, lime juice, and salt to pack a punch with flavor

Keeping these success tips in mind, I’ve got a great idea for your next gathering. Instead of serving a big bowl of pre-made guac with a side of chips, why not create a DIY guacamole board? Think of it like a cheese board, but better. 

Guacamole Board

Resting atop a beautiful serving tray or cutting board, avocados are the star of the show. Nearby sits tasty additions, such as limes, onion, garlic, tomatoes, jalapeños, etc. 

Each of your guests can assemble their own bowl to fit their unique preferences. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Watch as I show you how to put together a killer guac board!

Watch Video


My Favorite Cutting Board

Don’t have a great cutting board for your guacamole board? Check out John Boos Blocks – they’re thick, sturdy, and gorgeous!

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