Frozen French 75: Sip with a Bang

The name French 75 comes from the French’s weapon of choice during WWI, the 75-millimeter Howitzer field gun. Today, the drink is mixed with gin, syrup, champagne and lime. The name comes from the fast-firing taste similar to when the weapon strikes. Lucky for you, after just a few sips you’ll likely just be hit by a state of bliss with this Frozen French 75.

My friend Paul created a frozen and Flexible Flip of the famous drink that’ll hit the spot. It’s super simple and you probably already have all of the ingredients in your home bar! Check Paul out on Instagram for more delicious creations.

If Champagne is your campaign, be sure to try out my Champagne Mojito to keep the party going along with the Frozen French 75!

Flexible French 75

Servings 5 Drinks


  • 6 ounces Gin
  • 3 ounces Simple Syrup
  • 3/5 cup Fresh Lime Juice (about 5 limes)
  • 1 bottle Champagne or Prosecco


  1. Make a simple syrup by mixing 3 oz. of water and 3 oz sugar. Bring to a boil until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and cool completely.

  2. Prepare a freezer proof tray and add Gin, syrup, lime juice and prosecco into tray. Stir to combine.

  3. Freeze for approximately 2 hours or until the mix is slushy. Remove from freezer and stir with a fork. Place back in the freezer for another 2 hours.

  4. When ready to serve, drag a fork through the mix again. Serve immediately.

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