Do you love donuts, but hate to look like you love donuts? I've got the perfect recipe for you! Watch as I show you how to make my amazing apple donuts.

Easy, Fresh Apple Donuts: A Perfect Family Snack

Do you love donuts, but hate to look like you love donuts? I’ve got the perfect recipe for you! These healthified easy, fresh apple donuts: a perfect family snack may taste like a guilty treat, but they’re simply fresh apple slices topped with a little sweetened up peanut butter and dark chocolate. Add some sprinkles, gluten-free cookie crumbs, nuts, or toasted coconut for an extra kick.

This sweet treat is both parent and kid-approved. Watch the video below as my kids and I whip up a batch:

Useful Tips

A biscuit cutter is the best way cut the apple slices for my easy, fresh apple donuts: a perfect family snack. You want to make sure and cut the apple thin enough to take a bite from but also thick enough for a sturdy foundation.  This is a great idea for an apple donut bar at parties, gatherings, or family night in. Simply set up a table with all the toppings, utensils, etc first. Next, grab a helper to help cut and shape the rounds. Lastly, add the apples to the table and let everyone can craft their own! For any leftover apples, check out my dairy free apple cinnamon crumble cheesecake bars, they are great for anytime of the year and dangerously delicious! Want more? Click here!

Apple Donuts


  • 2 Large apples
  • ½ Cup natural peanut butter
  • 2 Tablespoons maple syrup
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 Pack high-quality dark chocolate chips
  • Cookie crumbs, sprinkles, nuts, or toasted coconut, for topping


  1. Cut apples into 1/4" rounds. 

  2. Using a biscuit cutter, cut each apple round into a perfectly-shaped circle.

  3. Using a small round cookie cutter, cut the center out of each apple round. This will leave you with a donut shape. Set apple slices aside.

  4. Mix together peanut butter, maple syrup, and salt. 

  5. Using your hands, mound about a teaspoon of the sweetened up peanut butter mixture onto each apple slice. Set aside. 

  6. Melt one bag of dark chocolate chips in a double boiler and then dip each peanut butter-coated apple round in the chocolate.

  7. Before the chocolate hardens, add desired toppings. 

  8. Lay each apple donut on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and refrigerate to set. 

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