The 25-Minute Busy Girl Workout Routine

This workout may be just what you need to power up your day. My friend and celebrity trainer Christine Bullock will show you how to take on small challenges that will take your fitness to the next level. Pressed with time? We’ve got you covered. 

Fact: You’re never going to get the body you want by sitting on your tush. Annoyingly, the truth is, you’re also not going to reach optimum shape by doing the same exercises day in and day out. So if you want to create real changes in your body—to see definition and be able to run that extra mile—start exercising with purpose. Personally, when I feel a staleness starting to sneak into my workouts, I know it’s time to shake things up. It’s time to challenge myself to evolve.

This month, I’m challenging you to do the same. Start with the moves below three times a week and master your form. When you’re feeling strong, join me in the advanced expression of each move.

TIP: Perform each exercise below for 1 minute. Then take a 1-minute water break. Repeat the circuit four times for a full 25-minute workout.

Atomic V Up

Begin in a seated position, palms together at your chest. Lean back slightly and float the legs to tabletop. This is your start position. Draw the core up and in, lengthening through the spine as you begin to lower the upper and lower body extending through the legs. Lower a few inches off the ground. Now brace the core and lift the upper and lower body to the start position. Finish with the twist by rotating from your core to the right then back through center and to the left.


Scorpion Plank

Begin in plank position, keeping your hands shoulder distance, feet hip distance, and core braced. This is your start position. Float the left foot off the ground. Balancing on your right foot, pike your hips toward the sky and shift back to a single-legged down dog with your left leg extended straight up behind you. Bend the knee and try to kick your glute, opening slightly through the hip as you brace your core. Lengthen the leg, square the hips, and shift forward to a single-leg plank. Now draw the left knee into and across the chest—aiming your knee toward your right elbow. Finally, re-extend the left leg and lower it to the ground to return to your starting plank position. Alternate side each set.


Curtsy Lunge with Side Crunch

Stand with your legs turned out. Step your right foot behind and bend knees into curtsy lunge. Press into front left supportive foot, extend the left leg as you kick the back right leg to the side. As you kick your right leg, flex the foot and internally rotate the leg so your foot is parallel to the floor. Crunch into your right oblique and draw your elbow towards your knee. Carefully lower leg behind and return to a curtsy lunge. Alternate legs each set.


Side Plank Hip Press with Leg Lift

Begin in a forearm side plank with elbow under shoulder and feet stacked. Place your top hand on your hip. Slowly lower your hip down to tap the floor. Then lift your hip up. As you move your hips upward through your starting position lift your top leg as high as you can with control. Lower the leg down and return to your start position. Alternate side each set.


Reverse Plank Kick

Sit with legs extended. Take hands behind you on the floor, fingers facing the back. Press into arms and feet to lift the glutes and legs off ground into a reverse plank. This is your start position. Press into left foot to kick the right leg straight to sky. Lower the right leg to the ground. Repeat with the left leg. Alternate kicks.


Don’t be discouraged by these complex moves. Rather, view them as an opportunity to take on challenges and watch yourself evolve!

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