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9 Healthy Travel-Well Essentials

Traveling? Being on the road doesn’t have to mean a break from your workout and self-care regime. In fact, a pause from the day-to-day grind could provide just the space you need to finally break a daily sweat and devote a bit more time to yourself. I worked with my favorite jet-setter and travel fashionista Geren Lockart to share our list of great travel-well essentials. At the very least, pack the sneakers and yoga mat and you’re certainly more likely to use them!

1. Travel Yoga Mat


The Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Mat (Thunder) is light enough to roll or fold easily into whatever suitcase you’re packing.

2. Travel Massage Balls

yoga tune up

Tight neck and hips from airplane travel? These Yoga Tune Up balls from Jill Miller save your tight muscles after a long flight. They’re made from a special type of rubber that really grabs the skin.

3. Lightweight Merrel sneakers

These Vapor Glove trail running shoes from Merrel sneakers weigh practically nothing and squish into any spot, so you have no excuse not to pack them.

4. Evian Face Spray


We love the immediate moisture from Evian’s face spray. Mist it on as soon as you get on the plane and re-apply before you disembark.

5. Inflatable Travel Pillow

onwego pillow

Onwego’s inflatable travel pillow packs down to a ball but inflates to a proper little pillow. Perfect for some comfort 30,000 feet in the air.

6. Cashmere Travel Blanket

travel blanket

Airplanes are notorious for cranking down the air-conditioning, meaning you freeze under their flimsy brankets. Stay warm and comfortable with this beautiful Cashmere Travel Blanket from Australian brand Banjo & Matilda.

7. Travel Toothbrush


This small and sleek  Black Charcoal Toothbrush toothbrush by Morihata has activated charcoal to combat bad breath.

8. Facial Cleanser

grown alchemist

This Facial Cleanser by the Grown Alchemist is a perfect way to keep your skin glowing while travelling, thanks to these perfectly sized face care essentials.

9. Hand Sanitizer

EO spray

You never know where you’ll end up. Stash this snazzy Lavendar Hand Sanitizer Spray from E.O. in your purse for less-than-clean conditions.

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