7 Creative Matza Recipes For Passover (and any time of year!)

Passover lasts for eight days and is one of the biggest festivals in the Jewish calendar. During that time, we don’t eat grains (other than matza, which is an unleavened flatbread) or legumes.

Random fun fact – I actually enjoy the Passover diet because it’s a great way to hit the reset button and ease into a healthier way of eating. Read more about that here.

But despite Passover being a great time to get used to eating less grains and more veggies and proteins, matza is a staple that defines the holiday and can be a lot of fun to experiment with because, contrary to popular belief, it’s an incredibly versatile item!

Over the years, as a busy mom of four, I’ve come up with all sorts of flexible and creative ways to elevate our healthy Passover table while keeping with the tradition and enjoying some delicious holiday splurges along the way.

So, when KTLA Weekend Morning News (my first time back LIVE in the studio since pre-covid!) invited me on to talk about Passover matza recipes, I was ready to spill all on how to get creative with matza – all year round!

In this segment we use matza to make everything including salmon, chicken, salads and even chocolate treats.

These recipes are so good, and the gluten-free matza (tastes like a saltine cracker) is so craveable that I stock up on this staple and keep boxes of matza in my pantry for the rest of the year too. You can also freeze the matza which will give it a longer shelf life.

Watch the full segment below as I show you 7 creative ways to cook with matza!



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