10 great holiday fitness gift ideas

The festive season is just around the corner. It’s a time for love, cheer — and impressing your health- and wellness-obsessed loved ones with some of the coolest kit on the planet. Our team has curated our all-time favorite 10 gift ideas for a fitness enthusiast. Read on for some inspiration to knock their socks stockings off.

1. Carryall for your gym gear

We love Lululemon’s City Adventurer Large Duffle bag. It’s full of handy “OH, that’s what that’s for!” sort of pockets, like a separate stash for smelly gym shoes and sweaty gear, an easy-to find phone pocket, and it’s even lined with mesh pockets, making your must-have items easier to see. It also has a discrete strap to secure your yoga mat. And in sleek jet black, it seamlessly takes the wearer from the workplace to the yoga studio, meaning no more walking around with multiple bags.

Gym bag, HKD 1,280, Lululemon, www.lululemon.com.

2. Hoka One One Sneakers

Once considered “moonboots,” Hokas are now the shoe of choice of any discerning runner, yogi or gym-goer alike. The Huakas are our favorite: they’re more streamlined while still providing you with lots of comfy cushioning. They’re also designed to transition easily from the pavements to the trails making them the perfect all-in-one shoe for every active bunny.Hoka-One-One-Huaka-Sneakers

Sneakers, HKD 1,480, Hoka One One, www.hokaoneone.com (also available on Style by Deckers).

3. Apple Watch

It may have its critics, but in our opinion the Apple Watch is the sleekest wearable tracker disguised as a watch. The problem with so many sports watches and fitness trackers is that they’re just damn ugly, or scream “sports watch.” The Apple Watch is versatile: wear it during a long run, in pranayama, in the boardroom, or with a happy hour cocktail. Not only is it a truly beautifully made watch-piece from the masters of simplicity, but it also tracks your every move, reminds you to get up when you’ve been sitting too long, tracks all your runs and integrates with popular apps like Nike Run, Strava and RunKeeper, and more. Keeping connected with your iPhone is an added, yet manageable, bonus. Get one for yourself while you’re at it.


Fitness tracker, starting from HKD 2,728, Apple, www.apple.com.

4. Ultimate Direction Access 10 Plus Running Belt

Sometimes you need to dash out the door with more than just your sneakers. The Ultimate Direction Access 10 Plus belt, designed for women by women, is the perfect compromise. Lightweight, comfortable and designed to avoid all the awkward jiggling of many other bags or belts, it holds a phone, cash, keys and other essentials.


Running belt, USD 49.95 (HKD 387), Ultimate Direction, www.ultimatedirection.com.

5. Saje aromatherapy kits

We love the aromatherapy products for runners and yogis from Canadian based Saje — we want everything on their site! Their beautiful, well-thought aromatherapy products have been designed to ignite your workout and soothe you after a long day. Like the Namaste Uplifting Mist (USD 9.95/HKD 77), a light sheen of moisture and scent or the Recovery Skin Balm (USD 19.95/HKD 155) for soothing aching muscles. The yogi in your life will love the Yoga Antibacterial Mat Spray (USD 12.95/HKD 100) for clearing any mat nasties as well as the Yoga Transition Mist (USD 12.95/HKD 100) to spray before a class to help get you in the right mood.

 saje-yoga-mist sage-recoverysaje-yoga-mat-mist

Aromatherapy products, Saje, saje.ca.

6. Withings body fat scale

Measure, track and win in the weight loss game with the Withings Body Fat Scale. It’s one of the most accurate and high-tech scales on the market, with different settings to ensure a more accurate read. All your readings seamlessly connect through wifi to an app on your phone or computer, so you can keep log of your progress. For the curious to the determined alike.


Body fat scale, USD 140 (HKD 1,085), Withings, www.withings.com (also available on Amazon).

7. A stand up desk 

If your sporty friend takes their working out seriously, what about sitting? Studies have shown that too much sitting is bad for you even if you work out, as you still sit down as much as anyone else which may have a negative health impact.

The solution is easy: stand up. And with this easy to install Ergotron Workstation your loved one can convert their desk instantaneously. For local Hongkongers, Chris Sherer from The Standing Desk Company can also help by installing a desk for you.


Stand up desk, USD 419 (HKD 3,247), Ergotron, www.ergotron.com (also available on Amazon).

8. Umoro Supplement Shaker

The team at Umoro must have read our minds. The Umoro One is the most functional supplement shaker on the planet. If you like to have something other than water with your supplements (say, either milk or a juice), then traditional protein shakers leave you no options but to carry around a separate plastic bag of your goodies. The Umoro makes it easy. With up to 50 grams (one heaping scoop) of storage, the Umoro One lets you enjoy your beverages separate from your supplements and consume when ready, at the push of a button.

umoro-one-burgundy copy

Supplement shaker, USD 28.99 (HKD 225), Umoro, www.umoro.com (Residents of Asia can shop on Amazon for this product).

9. Jaybird Wireless Headphones

If you or your loved one suffers from earphone-tangle-itis, then Jaybird’s bluetooth headphones are the solution. With eight hours of playback through these super comfortable wireless earbuds, you can enjoy your runs and workouts tangle-free while enjoying superior music quality.


Earbuds, USD 114.95 (HKD 891), Jaybird, www.jaybirdsport.com (also available on Amazon).

10. Manduka foldable travel mat

Wherever you go, your yoga should go with you. The Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat is the ultimate yogi travel companion – it only weighs 2 pounds, it folds into any available spot in your bag, it’s made of biodegradable plastic, and it won’t flake or fade. The yoga-lover in your life will love you for it.


Yoga mats, starting from USD 48 (HKD 372), Manduka, www.manduka.com.

All photos are taken from each brand’s website.

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