Truffle Sticky Rice Recipe

Truffle Sticky Rice
Truffle Sticky Rice - Good Day Atlanta

I recently posted this special recipe on Instagram and because y’all begged me to show you how to make it…here you go!

This truffle sticky rice is the perfect accompaniment to any meal and is so comforting during the winter months. It’s become one of the most requested dishes in my house and when I serve this to company they are wowed by the complexity, the nuttiness, the texture and the flavor.

Ready for even more good news? It’s so easy to make I had trouble writing out the recipe! The only challenging issue you’ll encounter with this dish is finding sweet brown rice-I get mine in bulk at my local health food store. In a pinch you could swap sushi rice but it’s not the same!

Watch me take you through my tips on making this delectable truffle sticky rice on Good Day Atlanta.