The Best Ways to Work Out Efficiently From Home

Ever since the pandemic, more and more of us have been working out at home. Have you? While heading to the gym or studio is often a fun and motivating social experience, we’ve begun to also appreciate the convenience of working out without leaving home. I especially appreciate this as the weather cools off and I don’t have to bundle up or struggle in the rain in order to get to the gym! Here are some of my tips and the best way to work out efficiently from home.

Work out efficiently in comfort

Working out at home often means slashing precious minutes off your morning commute and is a super time efficient practice. It’s also really nice to customize your workouts to what your body needs on any given day. Say, for instance you’re headed to a class that focuses on legs but you’re in the mood for arms and abs…at home you get to focus on the right workout for you and not for the group.

I’ve also been known to workout in pyjamas because hey, at home you can wear whatever you want! I also often find that I prefer some parts of my movement routine at home while others are more fun in public. You may head to the gym to hit up the big cardio equipment or take a group fitness class but stay home when you roll out a yoga mat or do core work.

Setting up a home workout zone gives you the freedom and the flexibility to work out in your own way, on your own terms and in your own time.

Here are some practical tips for planning your home workouts to optimize them for success plus a sneak peek into my favorite home workout equipment.  The best ways to work out efficiently from home start here!

Organize your home space to workout efficiently and effectively

The first thing to plan for when working out at home is carving out the right space. It is important to dedicate a spot for your healthy practice so that you remain consistent and that the time you spend on yourself feels private and enjoyable. There’s nothing worse than laying out your yoga mat and getting stepped on by your three-year-old. Haha, OK, things could be worse but seriously, honor your practice by finding a quiet spot just for you. It might be in your home office, in a spare guest room or even a little corner in your bedroom. Work with what you have.

Stock your home workout space with props

Next you’ll wanna stock up on simple and affordable equipment. You might want to start with a yoga mat, hand weights, ankle weights, a yoga strap for stretching and some resistance bands (or browse my entire shop here). Once you purchase all your tools and gadgets, find a place to store them. If you like your items on display, a simple bin or cute decorative basket could do the trick or if you have a dedicated closet/drawer, organize your things in one place, in easy reach. Also, if you don’t already have a great pair of sneakers, or if you’re looking to treat yourself to something new, these are what I wear lately. Leave your sneakers out in your workout corner so they are a visual reminder to get moving!

Find a class

You may already have a yoga practice or a routine of exercises that you do on your own but if you don’t, taking an online class is massively beneficial. Try Tracy Anderson classes, Yoga Glo, Peloton, Yoga International and more. My latest favorite class app is by Lagreeing at Home, a class taught on a home workout machine I’ve recently discovered that has transformed my daily sweat. You could say that I’m, well, addicted. Keep reading to hear more about what this is and why it’s so addictive! (in a good way…)

My favorite piece of home workout equipment

When I tell you I’ve tried most machines on the market, I have seriously tried them all. Most home full body machines are huge, expensive, or very specific and not versatile or practical. I was recently at a ski resort and by chance tried the Microformer by Lagree and it was love at first site. I used it everyday to work my core (which is all I knew how to use it for at the time). I tracked the company down and bought one for home and it’s been the best gift I’ve bought myself. The machine is a compact version of their bigger machines that they use in studios and classes and it’s finally become available to take home.

Lagree classes are full body workout with a strong focus on your core—you could say it’s sort of reminiscent of a pilates reformer class on steroids! I find that the moves tighten and lengthen your whole body (shaking during each exercise is a good thing). I’ve also been experimenting with some yoga moves on the micro that I share on Instagram and it’s made working out at home fun again! It’s now my favorite home workout equipment!

My favorite home workout equipment: Lagree

The best way to work out from home efficiently with the Lagree Microformer

The Microformer makes home workouts fun again

Let’s be honest, home workouts can get boring and it’s often hard to stay motivated. Something about the versatility of the Microformer and the super easy to follow classes has really spiced up my solo workouts. And here is the best part—it’s results driven. In only a few sessions you might find your body tightening and changing. For real. The ultimate way to gift yourself the best way to efficiently work out from home.

If you have a Lagree fitness studio near you, you might want to go try a class before investing in this. Or, head over to the app so you can see what it’s all about before deciding if this machine is right for you.

If you want try the app, they have graciously given you a special discount. Use code TFCNEALY to get $20 off your first month of Lagreeing at Home.

If you decide you must also have the machine, use discount code NEALYFISCHER to get $100 off your Micro, Micro Deluxe, or Premium Loaded Micro. If you have any questions about it, I answer all my DMs so head over to Instagram and ask me anything.

The best ways to work out efficiently at home is a practice and motivational setting. Compliment your workout with my effective stretch routine, free to you!

Good luck. You got this!

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